Charlize Theron Belize bikini pictures

August 7th, 2007 // 158 Comments

Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend are currently on vacation in Belize, and staying at the $2,500 a night Blancaneaux Hotel. And I know she’s frolicking around in a stream, but it wouldn’t kill her to put a little makeup on. She looks like her character from Monster. She could be going into surgery and she should be wearing makeup. Bikini pictures are supposed to make me smile and remove my pants, not wet myself and hide in the closet in shame. And by “wet myself and hide in the closet in shame”, I mean rip my shirt when I flex. These damn muscles are always getting in the way.


  1. Sandy

    Crap…another actress gone to twigs. She used to look really cute and actually had breasts in some of her early films. Not just padding either…check out Devil’s Advocate.

    Now I’m not saying that starlets need to all look like Kirstie Alley, but can these women please eat a friggin’ meal once in a while? I’m tired of seeing popsicle sticks frolicking on the beach. There hasn’t been this much public flatness since the Heroin Chic movement of the 90′s.

  2. Lalique

    Charlize Theron and, for that matter, a flabby Townsend are certainly more beautiful than you, sir.

  3. iIlustation_Female

    oh, please,she sucks!She is very ugly with or without make up!Sher looks like retarded baby for god shake!Her eyes looks stupid ..the way she looks at you, oh no, look she is one ugly actress, not even an remarkable actress for that matter!The only thing about her that can make you notice her is that she is so ugly and does all kind of things to get attention!She’s an attention w******.Charlize, they call you Miss Personallity because you’re so ugly, you’re so ugly, miss personalitty.. hhhmm becayse you’re so freaking ugly!

  4. Heather

    I don’t like her bikini either.The colour is not tastefull.Ugly looking girl ,ugly looking bikini..!Where did she bought it?Somewhere extremely too cheap?Check out my bikini pictures at your right!Simple red bikini looks definately nicer than Charlize’s bikini weird colour!

  5. Dan

    For those of you who were criticizing Charlize earlier, she reminds me of Brigitte Nielsen the tall blonde actress/model.

  6. Mary

    I think Stuart’s still hot. I’ll bet the lousy, snide comments posted about him are written by guys who are just jealous and who are really bad in bed.

  7. Picture 10 number 1

  8. gil

    charlize is the bomb,no other actress can hold a candle to her

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