Charlize Theron Will Destroy Tia Mowry Now

August 7th, 2014 // 27 Comments
No, Not You, Too, Charlize
Charlize Theron Bikini Mario Testino Shoot
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A few weeks back, Tia Mowry went running to In Touch about Charlize Theron snubbing her at the gym. And if you don’t remember who Tia Mowry is, then you can probably already sympathize with Charlize Theron who’s now trying to get her banned from SoulCycle. Via DishNation:

“Charlize came in so pissed off after Tia went to the tabloids about her, and she demanded we bar Tia from ever coming back. When the manager refused Charlize just got angrier and said she’d go to the top to make it happen,” said an insider at SoulCycle.
Mowry told “In Touch” that she approached Theron to say hello and was met with an eye roll and Theron saying, “Oh my god.” Theron took the issue of the privacy breach to SoulCycle management and raged that she has zero expectation of anonymity during her workout with Mowry around. Management refused to ban Mowry and Theron got even angrier.
“This nobody who was famous for a minute 20 years ago can complain to the tabloids about me but I can’t expect you to protect me from hangers on in your studio?” Theron said, according to employee.

I can see how Charlize Theron’s hands are tied here. She wants to work out to stay healthy and in fantastic shape, but at the same time, it’s not like she’s rich enough to afford exercise equipment and a personal trainer to come to her house for a private session. So really, she has no other choice but to expect a business to cater specifically to her instead of its entire customer base. Not to mention, it should already be running advanced psychological screenings to find out if someone might say “Hi” to her. Is it because she didn’t buy the Gold package? She doesn’t use the tanning beds! The savings weren’t there.

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  1. Cock Dr

    She’s receiving Sean Penn’s temperament by injection.

  2. She seems like she’s totally right, though.

  3. Jimbo

    This just proves Kanye’s point that these poor celebs are being treated like the blacks in the 60′s. It is cruel world that the Hollywood elite have to live in.

  4. Casper

    If you believe the gossip, Theron has been like this before she was A-list. Glad people are calling her on her bullshit now.

  5. Jennyfurr

    Chalize has always been an angry, swollen headed, miserable cunt. Sounds like her usual temper tantrums aren’t working. Getting old sucks huh?

  6. Hmm

    These people make $20 million a year, don’t they have fucking gyms in their mansions? Why are they going to these types of gyms?

    • Finn

      Why? They like to be watched.

    • “it’s not like she’s rich enough to afford exercise equipment and a personal trainer to come to her house for a private session” — that’s not the issue. It’s because Soul Cycle is a cult out here in LA, she’s spun on the kool-aid

  7. The more I learn about Theron, the more I’m realizing and accepting how much Penn and her deserves each other.

  8. brick

    I’m embarrassed to say I remembered who Tia Mowry is. FML!

  9. Charlize Theron Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    I want to climb in there

  10. JimBB

    A white South African who won’t talk to black people???? THE HELL YOU SAY!

    • Nut bra

      Yeah, I was going to say it too…………….white South Africans don’t exactly have a reputation for being polite……

  11. Charlize Theron Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Charlize has said she has never had bad sex. Well, she’s never met me.

  12. Now we see why she and Sean Penn get along so well.

  13. Charlize could have just explained to Tia the next time she saw her that she wanted to remain anonymous and talking to her would draw attention to them. It seems like it was a simple misunderstanding. Trying to ban someone from the gym because they told the public how rude you were to them is egotistical.

    Here’s an interesting contradiction: If she considers Tia to be such a has-been (“famous for a minute 20 years ago”) then why should she be concerned about people seeing them talking to each other?

  14. Charlize Theron Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    These photos are a year old. She just celebrated her 39th b-day, not 38th.

  15. Charlize Theron Bikini
    too bad
    Commented on this photo:

    She has a Black son! Why would she eye roll about a Black celebrity mother approaching her? Maybe Tia was just trying to reach out and make her family feel included or even set up a play date for their kids. If this is true that is sad. White mothers of Black kids produce some really weak minded, sad, mixed up kids and this is from knowing way too many to count so she should be grateful a Black mother gives a shit about it enough to stick her neck out and make the first awkward move. Angelina Jolie has a Black famous woman as her Ethiopian child’s God mother.

  16. D-chi

    All i see is a white woman trying to get a black woman banned from a public facility for looking at her wrong.

  17. I had no idea and am terribly disappointed that Charlize Theron is such a cunt. Ah hell, I was getting sick of her anyway.

  18. Charlize Theron Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    So… Seth MacFarlane, huh? Ya, this world is shit.

  19. I was right, I figured she was an ahole. She’s dating a nuttball. Tia is not as popular as she is, but she was a child star and when Thereon’s career is over, they won’t have a WHERE ARE THEY NOW, they will just forget the almost 40 year old. They are going younger now Charlize, so you better be nice in the world of entertainment, they will boot your ass in a minute. Without fans, No work bitch.

  20. Bitch, you were in “Children of the Corn III” and “Mighty Joe Young.” Don’t be putting on airs because you made it further in an industry that has a lot more opportunities for icy blonde white women than for women of color.

    Honestly, the only part of this story that is surprising is that the gym didn’t immediately succumb to starfucking.

  21. Charlize Theron Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    not potty trained at his age? shameful!

  22. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    Not here to comment on the story, just stopped by to drool over the photos. God, I’m lonely.

  23. It’s funny that everybody’s taking the side of a Z-list celebrity that “says she was dissed by an A-list celeb”. Before this supposedly happened, nobody thought of or cared about Tia Mowry since she was on Sister, Sister. Mission accomplished, Tia.

  24. whatever

    guessing she does not want to give birth to own kids becuse they might become like her dad, who she shot, but her mom took the rap for, and everyone got away with because he was a dangerous monster

  25. Candace

    I support Charlize. Sounds like a 90′s has been is trying to use Charlize’s name to stay in the news. Soul Cycle has now said the incident didn’t happen which makes Tia a liar.

  26. Chuck

    If you know anything about Tia, you’d know she’s almost a stalker fan of Charlize’s. She’s always writing stuff about her and posting her picture and calling her her Woman Crush. I don’t believe a word Tia says about Charlize.

  27. Just FYI, everything about this story is apparently false, even Tia has said so.

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