Charlize Theron Isn’t Seth MacFarlane’s Type. Everybody Calm D- Wait, What?

Fresh off of kicking the Khaleesi to the curb, here’s Seth MacFarlane on what looks like a date with Charlize Theron last night. Except you’ll never guess which person in these photos was the first to immediately tell E! News the other isn’t his/her type and it’s not the one visibly dying of humiliation:

The Family Guy mastermind and Oscar winner (trying to hide her face) were snapped leaving Matsuhisa, a sushi restaurant, together in Beverly Hills. But, a source tells E! News the twosome “def aren’t dating.”
And just why not? According to a source, “She is not his type.”

As crazy as it sounds, this might actually be true. Charlize Theron is a well-respected actress with a stable career which makes it way harder to get her to blow you with promises of voicing Brian’s new girlfriend on Family Guy. Plus he won’t get to say, “Ha! Just kidding. I meant The Cleveland Show,” before zipping up and running out of the room. It’s all he lives for anymore.

Photos: Pacific Coast News