Charlize Theron Banged Seth MacFarlane Because Of This Movie

About a year ago, before her vagina was in the disarmament business, Charlize Theron had a brief fling with Seth MacFarlane while they were working on the western comedy A Million Ways To Die In The West. A movie literally everyone forgot about until the Red Band trailer hit today, so while you watch that (above), I’ll be acting as Seth MacFarlaney as possible to lure Charlize in. *polishes veneers, masturbates to Simon & Simon box set* Ohmygod, you guys, she’s already calling! Alright, be cool, be cool. *picks up phone* Oh, hey, Charlize. Remember Small Wonder? What do you think ever happened to that little robot girl? Do you think she’s all rusted up somewhere in a shed, or do you think she become one of those sex robots from Japan? I bet it’s one of those sex robots. (Nailed it.)