Charlize Theron: ‘Googling Yourself Is Like Rape,’ Oh, Goddammit…

In a recent interview, Charlize Theron was asked if she ever Googles herself and gave the following response because Sean Penn’s penis has been inside of her. That’s the explanation I’m going with. Via The Guardian:

“I don’t do that, so that’s my saving grace. When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start I guess feeling raped.”
Asked if she felt that strongly about the issue, Theron said: “Well, you know when it comes to your son and your private life. Maybe that’s just me. Some people might relish all that stuff but there are certain things in my life that I think of as very sacred and I am very protective over them.
“I don’t always win that war but as long as I don’t have to see that stuff or read that stuff or hear that stuff then I can live with my head in a clear space, which is probably a lot healthier than living in that dark room.”

I’m just going to say this for the benefit of all celebrities, and also myself so I don’t have to read 800 breathless headlines – including my own – after the fact: You want to know what feels like rape? RAPE. (See, also: war, Gwyneth Paltrow’s an organic macrame shitbox of dumb)

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News