Charlize Theron Gave Someone At Pinkberry $100, Let’s Forget She Trivialized Rape

It’s been barely a week since Charlize Theron equated Googling herself with rape, so this little incident at Pinkberry isn’t at all convenient. These things happen. TMZ reports:

Here’s what went down — an employee at Pinkberry in Hollywood says Charlize came in Tuesday afternoon, but when it came time to pay her $3.75 tab … she plead poverty, saying she didn’t have money on her.
The employee, Keila, says Charlize promised to come back, but more than an hour passed before Charlize returned (with Sean Penn, no less).
Watch the video … Charlize plays it cool on the way out, but right after that Keila showed us why it was worth the wait — CT left a Benjamin for the $3.75 bill!

Of course, this could be completely innocent. Not to mention, ransom-happy TMZ is involved, and when’s the last time anyone’s seen Charlize’s son? Shit, look what just happened: They got Sean Penn to show up. Poor kid probably calls himself Reek by now.

Photos: Fame/Flynet