That’s Charlize Theron’s Butt In A Bikini

August 12th, 2013 // 49 Comments

After exposing you to Justin Bieber naked, the least I can do is post bikini pics of one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, so here’s Charlize Theron who coincidentally also has short hair and soft, feminine curves. And had sex with Seth MacFarlane once. You know what? Let’s stop with the similarities. I’m creeping myself out.

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  1. All that goodness, and 38 to boot. Yum.

  2. Charlize Theron Bikini
    The Dude
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    Sexy. Real.
    Real sexy.

  3. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    “Say it Jackson, come on say it. I am better than Angelina Jolie.”

  4. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    Pulitzer worthy

  5. Charlize Theron Bikini
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  6. Robb7

    Now, she is a pretty woman without all the b.s. of fake tits, hair extensions and troweled-on makeup! Thanks for reminding me what a real one looks like.

  7. Charlize Theron Bikini
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  8. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    The little shavers have no idea that they’ve just experienced the apex of their entire lives.

  9. Scott

    In the immortal words of David Letterman, “Help me! Help me! I be hyp-mo-tized!”

  10. Charlize Theron Bikini
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  11. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    Oh wow! That’s beautiful.

  12. Weirdly, Monster is on the DVR right now, and I have nothin’ but love for her.

  13. Hugh Jass

    After posts about Chris Brown and Justin Bieber, this is the kind of asshole I want to see.

  14. Trek Girl

    Aww, Jackson is so cute.

  15. Charlize Theron Bikini
    Deacon Jones
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    Where the hell is the cottage cheese?? This woman has the ass of an 18 year old

  16. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    She is like fine wine, keeps getting better with age

  17. Batu Khan

    Charlize has a son?! When, how?! Ahh, the fantasy is over. IT’S OVER!

  18. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    Wow adorable(kid) and full on sexy (Mum). Fuck me that kid could use her mum GILF as his wingman. Nice curvy yet healthy body.

  19. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    So much better when there are no kids obscuring her.

  20. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    That would have been quite a photo if the kid had moved a yard to either side.

  21. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    ALL the people up above must be fat, bald, and desperate..

  22. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    In every picture in this set, there is a black kid who has -almost- figured out how to put on those goggles. Perseverance personified.

  23. Kodos

    Who said nothing good came “out of Africa”.

    South Africa, that is…

  24. Charlize Theron Bikini
    Derek Zoolander
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    Rotten toeblock.

  25. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    -1 for the photo-shopped baby faced boner killer.

  26. Butt Lovin Bear 401

    Now this is the kind of woman I want to see. No More skanky Kardashians, Myley’s, Selenas, etc, etc, etc!!! Ms. Theron is truly a REAL WOMAN!!!! And more like her need to be promoted not the afore mentioned attention whores

  27. Raspitin's Evil Twin

    The idea that this gorgeous woman doesn’t want to be the main event in a threesome with us leaves us in tears.

    (Grigori and I were raised to share everything except the blame.)

    I’ll be at the bar, looking/drooling over these photos.

  28. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    Everyone pees in the pool

  29. Runky

    I’d eat a yard of her shit just to see where it came from.

  30. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    I’ve always wanted to tongue and bang her ass. I’d even let her pee on me if that’s what it took to be able to do that.

  31. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    Hot Lady.

  32. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    I want to climb in there

  33. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    Charlize has said she has never had bad sex. Well, she’s never met me.

  34. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    These photos are a year old. She just celebrated her 39th b-day, not 38th.

  35. Charlize Theron Bikini
    too bad
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    She has a Black son! Why would she eye roll about a Black celebrity mother approaching her? Maybe Tia was just trying to reach out and make her family feel included or even set up a play date for their kids. If this is true that is sad. White mothers of Black kids produce some really weak minded, sad, mixed up kids and this is from knowing way too many to count so she should be grateful a Black mother gives a shit about it enough to stick her neck out and make the first awkward move. Angelina Jolie has a Black famous woman as her Ethiopian child’s God mother.

  36. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    So… Seth MacFarlane, huh? Ya, this world is shit.

  37. Charlize Theron Bikini
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    not potty trained at his age? shameful!

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