Charlize Theron Will Break Her Own Teeth While Kicking Your Ass

Charlize Theron’s fight choreography in Atomic Blonde is being praised as some next-level asskickery because she opted to go through rigorous training to do “95 to 98 percent” of her own fighting. Usually on movies like this they bring in a team of movie ninjas who have dedicated their lives to kicking the shit out of each other for fun so that the star can step out when things get heavy. I read somewhere that she started training five years ago, but this part is from USA Today:

“…she strained so hard while training to play a woman who takes out countless men with punches, kicks, elbows, etc., that she clenched her mouth and cracked two back teeth, requiring surgery.”

Her three dentists received a special thank you from Theron during the LA premiere of Atomic Blonde, which is probably the first time in history that dentists felt cool.

I think it’s time we start universally accepting Charlize Theron as one of the most badass women in Hollywood and give her a “fuhgetabbout it” pass for banging Sean Penn during his Barnacle Bill phase. Agree? No? Damn.