A Moment of Silence For ‘Charlie’s Angels’

“God, I have such a great feeling about this show, Minka. Let’s work really hard today!”

Apparently right after I cut out on Friday, ABC decided to axe Charlie’s Angels which comes as a shock considering every single person who heard about the remake went, “Oh, yeah, that’ll survive six episodes.” But sarcasm aside, I actually attempted to sit through the pilot, and even though I bailed after twenty minutes to watch my neighbor’s dog eat a ladybug, you have to give credit to the producers for banking entirely on Minka Kelly’s hotness to sell a series because that was literally the whole premise.

CHARLIE: Okay, I want two of you to do.. I dunno, whatever, and Minka Kelly, I want you to just stand around looking awesome in a tank top.
MINKA KELLY: How will that solve crime?
CHARLIE: Solve what now? I’m just trying to invent intercom sex. Touch your boob.

Photos: INFdaily

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