A Moment of Silence For ‘Charlie’s Angels’

October 17th, 2011 // 50 Comments

“God, I have such a great feeling about this show, Minka. Let’s work really hard today!”

Apparently right after I cut out on Friday, ABC decided to axe Charlie’s Angels which comes as a shock considering every single person who heard about the remake went, “Oh, yeah, that’ll survive six episodes.” But sarcasm aside, I actually attempted to sit through the pilot, and even though I bailed after twenty minutes to watch my neighbor’s dog eat a ladybug, you have to give credit to the producers for banking entirely on Minka Kelly‘s hotness to sell a series because that was literally the whole premise.

CHARLIE: Okay, I want two of you to do.. I dunno, whatever, and Minka Kelly, I want you to just stand around looking awesome in a tank top.
MINKA KELLY: How will that solve crime?
CHARLIE: Solve what now? I’m just trying to invent intercom sex. Touch your boob.

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  1. First! Charlies Angels sucked the first time around…..when do remakes ever get better?

  2. rescuesu

    OMG! (and YIPEE!) the big story here is MINKA has CANKLES !!

  3. lily

    ohh pooor pooor minka kelly. first jeter dumps her, now this. well, i guess looks can only get you so far!

    • eatme

      …you are seriously clueless.
      the only reason they made this show was to promote minka kelley, who very quickly outgrew the show. She is very possibly THE “it” girl right now, capable of landing lead in movies proper.

  4. Charlies Angels Cancelled
    Commented on this photo:

    “Time to call Shonda and find out how I can get back on Grey’s Anatomy.”

  5. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    good! who wants to see a show really this bad. and especially when she needs publicty by getting a crewmember fired for touching her ass. Yes i know he did it before.but why make a public statement like that.

    if it would have been watchable if it was on cable and she did nudity and sex scenes.

  6. stratacat

    how is her calf wider than her thigh?

  7. who saw THAT ixne coming… sadly the lesson about we want new fucking shows not reboots will never be learned

  8. forrest gump

    .quiet farts were allowed, folks.

  9. Dave Mustaine


    When did this air?

  10. Charlies Angels Cancelled
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    Natural is not a good look for this chick. Looks like a dude.

  11. Charlies Angels Cancelled
    Dave Mustaine
    Commented on this photo:

    Cory Feldman looks to have lost a bunch of weight in this pic! Good for him.

  12. Fully engage in rough fare

    They did not apply my advice in paying the audience to watch? No one listen to me.

  13. KV

    LOL !!!!!! I actually wrote a comment predicting this ending on the article about the cancellation of Wonder Woman a while ago !!!! I found my new career !!!!! I’m a psychic !!!!!

  14. Great, this clears her schedule long enough for her to star in my new series, Naked on the Bed.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Can I be your Gaffer? She looks like she’d enjoy a good Gaffing (or twenty).

    • Chuck Lorre

      Just make sure you don’t create a scheduling conflict for my new series starring Minka – “Ass up, Squealing”. The title is pretty much the whole premise. I’m not even going to bother hiring writers.

  15. LJ

    1. What genius at ABC decided to put a serious Crime drama staring three sexy women at 8:00 pm against the powerhouse Comedy lineup on Thursday Night.

    2. What genius decided to make this a serious crime drama? It was a straight setup to be a “Camp” crime drama.

    (I think it was a serious crime drama because I watched about 10 minutes of it a couple of weeks ago.)

  16. Crabby Old Guy

    Well, this is good news. It’ll help when I meet with the ABC-TV excecs to pitch a reboot of “My Mother the Car” and “I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster” next week!

    • Schmidtler

      That could pass as funny sarcasm, but for the fact they already made movies out of ‘Car 54, where are you’ and ‘Caspar the friendly ghost’.

  17. cc

    I am still waiting to find a person that watched a single episode in its entirety.

    I don’t know who the hell greenlights these shows.

  18. MJB

    What’s with all these “retro” shows or remakes of shows. There was The Playboy Club (also got cancelled), Pan Am (about stewardesses? Really?) and this.
    Who are these bright male tv executives who think people want to see this cheesy

    • TomFrank

      The Playboy Club and Pan Am are (or were, in the former case) attempts to capture the cachet of Mad Men—which wins awards and people talk about and want to see. The Charlie’s Angels re-do had nothing do with that.

      • kimmykimkim

        Good Lord, the Playboy Club was horrendous. My girlfriend had put it on the DVR lineup, and I was stoned so, I was like, cool, whatever. It took about 15 minutes for us to silently look into each others eyes, ashamed we’d given it a chance and decide a good game of Yahtzee would be more exciting and have more substance. Actually, it was also quite sexy if I do say so myself.

      • MJB

        I only lump Charlie’s Angels with the other two b/c it’s a remake of a ’70s show with a pre-feminist premise: Ohhh, let’s make a show about 3 chicks with guns wearing tube tops, hotpants and bikinis. Cool if you’re a straight guy but as a woman and, actress esp., it’s disappointing.
        I realize The Playboy Club and Pan Am wanted to capitalize on Mad Men’s success but Mad Men is well written, has fine actors, and shows the effects the repressive era had on the male and female characters.

      • TomFrank

        Oh, I’m not at all saying that Pan Am or The Playboy Club is as good as Mad Men. Not. At. All. I’m just pointing out that they originated in the desire to pick up on the retro cachet that Mad Men has engendered.

  19. TheListener

    In all fairness, all 3 chicks are hot, but that was NEVER going to be enough to keep the series going. It doesn’t surprise me that another remake bites the dust. Can someone PLEASE come up with a NEW AND INTERESTING TV show? I am so sick and tired of seeing all of these 70s and 80s remakes.

    • Mike D.

      Minka was the only standout, the other two were not even on the hot radar. The blonde needed to eat a cheeseburger and i’m so sick and tired of hollywood throwing in the token ‘hip’ black chick with the big kinky half ass fro….if you’re gonna fro it, FROOOOOOOOO THE FUCK OUT OF IT!

  20. Fire studio suits

    It doesn’t surprise me that this tanked. The series sucked originally, as did the stupid drew barrymore movies (she was executive producer on this new series). I hope the dumbasses running the studios finally take notice that nobody wants to see any of these remakes/reboots. ATTENTION, STUDIO DUMBASSES: WE’VE ALREADY SEEN IT!!! With the exception of Hawaii Five-0 (which is halfway decent), all the remade movies/tv series have tanked. “The Thing”, which was just remade, has tanked at the box office (cost over $100 million to make; took in only $8 million on it’s opening weekend gross in major release). The stupid studio suits need to be replaced by people who have just a little bit of creativity; as it is now, they’ll keep remaking everything until they bankrupt the studios…

    • cc

      ‘The Thing’ is actually a remake of a remake. How sad is that?

      (Oh wait, I am wrong, the producers are saying now that it’s actually a prequel.)

  21. anonymous

    haha….maybe that guy who got canned for slapping Minka’s ass knew the show sucked and decided to screw it. I’m touching that ass before we are all out of a job.

  22. what comes around goes around

    Guess it kindda sucks being Minka right now. I’m sure after showing all of Hollywood that she’s not gonna let some lowly stagehand get the best of her while she was playing Truth or Dare producers will be lining up to hire ol’ cankles. Oh well, with the AL season pretty much over I’m sure she can go back to being just another hole for Jeter’s bat.

  23. Venom

    Damn she is pretty.
    That is all…

  24. skunk

    shocked and appalled

  25. Cock Dr

    A re-treaded TV show with nothing going for it but a trio of good looking women, without nudity or graphic sex, cannot survive against the internet and cable.

  26. Dan

    again. Meh.

  27. anonym

    as a kid, i watched reruns of the original Angels.

    this remake is just shit compared to the hotties of the original.

    I watched the first episode of the new show, and it sucked hard.
    Bozley looked gay, and the acting was terrible.

    and most of all, MINKA CAN’T ACT.

    when will producers learn that minka is C list, and no one cares about her pinched nose.

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