Charlie Sheen’s wife gives birth to twins

March 15th, 2009 // 22 Comments

Charlie Sheen has literally multiplied. His wife Brooke Mueller gave birth to twin boys Saturday night, according to Access Hollywood:

The boys’ names are Max and Bob, a rep for Charlie told Access on Sunday afternoon.
The children are the first for the couple, who married in May 2008, and the first boys for Charlie. The “Two And A Half Men” star has three daughters from previous relationships – Sam and Lola, with ex-wife Denise Richards, and Cassandra.

The couple had only wanted one child, but somehow ended up with two. Charlie is convinced it’s the fault of either Denise Richards, the government or that pesky leprechaun who sleeps in his wallet and tells him to bang hookers. Damn you, Mr. Tipper-a-five!

Photo: WENN

  1. Jen

    yay hookers

  2. Sauron


  3. Darth

    Two beer!?

  4. Lowlands

    Well,congrats to them!

  5. passthejoint

    She looks just a LITTLE stoned. Well, I guess he’s the right kind of guy for a woman like that.

  6. Lowlands

    I guess Charlie Sheen and his wife can easily afford a twin! If you can’t afford kids,don’t take them!

  7. 8]

    glad he found a wife that likes coke, hookers and internet porn.

  8. Darth

    One carrot juice and a beer! Hunnie is driving!

  9. Mel

    WOW what normal names for celeb children!
    knowing charlie sheen i thought they might have been named corona and lime.

  10. shar

    Congratulations…. bet he picked the names. Cute.

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  12. Truth Doctor

    Sheen is a douche.

  13. Missystar

    Who on earth would actually marry this douche? She must be brain-damaged.

  14. stoplookingatme

    HA! “Mr. Tipper-a-five!” Best line on the superficial in awhile. Thanks for the belly laugh. :()

  15. sin

    So? A woman gives birth. How rare.. DUH.

  16. mikeock

    How come all of these Hollywood people have twins? I don’t know a single person who has twins, yet every Hollywood birth you hear about has them. What the hell?

  17. MBEmom

    I can’t believe there are still women out there who would consider marrying this guy. He’s such a train wreck.

  18. bootlips

    A very rich train wreck.

  19. stephanie

    I know some celebrities are a little out there with their baby names and need to tame it down a little… but seriously? MAX and BOB? really, though, bob? it’s 2009.

  20. Barry O

    Oops, she didn’t actually have twins. It was a beautiful baby boy and what turned out to be a condom from 1997 coated in herpes flakes.

  21. Shannon

    He is such an asshat.

  22. Charlie Sheen (43 years) and his third wife, Brooke Mueller, 31, and twins are pregnant, you guys think. Brooke is due in April, and her mother drained beans to People magazine.

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