Charlie Sheen wants to win this bitch

Charlie Sheen will plead not guilty to charges he allegedly assaulted his wife with a knife and he won’t be accepting any form of plea bargain, according to RadarOnline:

“We have not entered a plea yet but we would be entering a plea of not guilty and certainly would not enter into any disposition that contemplated a felony because no felony occurred.”
Mueller originally told cops that her husband had threatened to kill her and held a knife to her throat during the early morning attack on Christmas Day.
She has subsequently checked back into a rehab while her husband refuses to get help amid rumors that his boozing is getting out of control.
Cummins added: “If she is seeking some kind of treatment, my understanding is that both Brooke and Charlie are in the same camp working towards the same goals and working in the same direction. I don’t think we look at anything she is doing in regard as any advantage because they are not adversarial toward one another.

He continued: “I mean, it really wouldn’t be fair of us to bring up the fact Mr. Sheen’s accuser is in rehab for crack. That’s not what we’re trying to do here. Her crack addiction will have no bearing on our case even if she was allegedly on crack at the time of the incident.


Photos: WENN