Charlie Sheen wants to win this bitch

February 22nd, 2010 // 39 Comments

Charlie Sheen will plead not guilty to charges he allegedly assaulted his wife with a knife and he won’t be accepting any form of plea bargain, according to RadarOnline:

“We have not entered a plea yet but we would be entering a plea of not guilty and certainly would not enter into any disposition that contemplated a felony because no felony occurred.”
Mueller originally told cops that her husband had threatened to kill her and held a knife to her throat during the early morning attack on Christmas Day.
She has subsequently checked back into a rehab while her husband refuses to get help amid rumors that his boozing is getting out of control.
Cummins added: “If she is seeking some kind of treatment, my understanding is that both Brooke and Charlie are in the same camp working towards the same goals and working in the same direction. I don’t think we look at anything she is doing in regard as any advantage because they are not adversarial toward one another.

He continued: “I mean, it really wouldn’t be fair of us to bring up the fact Mr. Sheen’s accuser is in rehab for crack. That’s not what we’re trying to do here. Her crack addiction will have no bearing on our case even if she was allegedly on crack at the time of the incident.


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  1. Taz

    Crack Kills

  2. Crazyk


  3. First


  4. Dutch

    That is quite the outfit Mr. Sheen. Miami Vice shorts, fanny pack fist pump and a knee brace?
    I will never understand hollywood, nobody is normal anymore

  5. JessyWonderful

    CRACK lmao

  6. Sapa

    how would one, become a celeb’s crack dealer, sound lucrative….I’m just saying….

    seriously, though…….

  7. Bosco

    Has to be the palest Mexican ever………..

  8. sam

    I don’t care if she was on crack; I believe the knife-wielded threats really happened. I have loved Charlie Sheen as an actor, but think he would be a total ass as a boyfriend/husband. She should get off the drugs and dump him. Once an abuser, always an abuser.

    btw, someone in my family was in rehab at the same time as Charlie a few years back. This was when he was with Denise and allegedly didn’t have a drug problem. Dude’s got MAJOR issues.

  9. truth doctor


  10. Dawn

    Sheen is a low turd. He and his pr team smear Brooke every chance they get-why just to keep his sorry a$$ out of jail on these charges.
    How many times will he accidently hurt women. I wonder what excuss will they use if he accidently kills one of the women he is with.

  11. Step

    Sure he got money to pay his way out of this again but once an abuser, always an abuser.

  12. Mason Dixon

    Get Carlos on a used car lot now! He’s golden…

  13. Jeff

    Disgusting jerk picks on women.

  14. hateyoufornoreason

    He looks like a fat, pasty, out of shape old woman.

  15. Hi,
    he got money to pay his way out of this again but once an abuser, always an abuser.

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  19. captain america

    …………….try “HEIDI FLEISH” again?

  20. Charlie Sheen could teach K-Fed a thing or two about respecting the mother of your children.Maybe I’m crazy but… if I was finding out stuff from a third party (like a lawyer) and someone wouldn’t even speak to me, chances are I’d freak the fuck out, too. Now I know not to leave voicemails but… seems to me that, sicne these are all on teh same day, he just found out that wifey-poo wasn’t going to make this as easy for him as he’d have liked, and he thought they were going to do just that for each other. He’s trying to stop her from making it uglier. Nevertheless when there’s kids involved, she prolly has to get ugly to keep him from them

  21. Dread not

    I’m sure Charlie’s Mercedes getting stolen and driven over a cliff was purely coincidental and had nothing at all to with the fact that he held a knife to Brooke’s throat. No, somebody wasn’t sending Charlie a message. That’s what you do when you steal a beautiful Mercedes. Instead of taking it to a chop shop, you ghost ride it off a cliff. Charlie should be concerned, ’cause somebody ain’t happy with him.

  22. Jean

    Don’t you dumb morons get it. I’m a woman and I get it. they had a stupid argument, it was outta control and she called the cops, done with over…Move on and everybody go catch real criminals. This is just a real married couple. Name me one married couple that doesn’t have arguments that don’t get out of control (especially if she’s on crack). So put your writing pens down morons and go catch real criminals….just a real family here….move along.

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  26. jaye

    Charlie Sheen is a chronic physically violent scumbag towards women. I remember when Denise Richards (whom I’m no fan of) was worked over by the presse and public because she dare speak up about that useless over protected, overpaid drug addict. Why people continue to make excuses and say how much they just loooooooove Charlie is beyond me (except if he’s treating you or your loved one like a punching bag…) . Can’t wait til the man finally does the ultimate self annihalation. So not worthy of…..anything really.

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