Charlie Sheen’s tender court date of love

Charlie Sheen was charged in Aspen court yesterday with felony menacing, third-degree assault and criminal mischief after he allegedly held a knife to his wife Brooke Mueller’s throat and threatened to kill her on Christmas night. Fortunately Brooke bravely attended the hearing to assist prosecutors. Except not really she was there to support Charlie and drop the restraining order. Whee! Us Magazine reports:

Sheen, 44, could face one to three years in prison if convicted for the menacing charge. (Third-degree assault and criminal mischief are both misdemeanors.) Sheen has not entered a plea for the charges.
In the same hearing, Judge James Boyd lifted a protective order preventing Sheen and his wife, 32, from communicating. The modification comes after the couple had mutually requested they be allowed contact in order to mend their marriage.
Sheen’s attorney Richie Cummins assured Judge Boyd that his client “has taken a number of steps” to work on his problems with anger management and alcohol.
At the end of the hearing, Sheen and Mueller got up and hugged each other warmly but left the courthouse separately.

“Don’t worry, Charlie honey, we’ll get through this. It’s just like that time you forgot our anniversary. I’ll make you buy something really expensive to get over it. Tee hee! — I’m kidding. It’s all your money and I swear I never touch your credit cards. Oh, God, don’t put me back in the box! I’ll be good!”

On that note, have we narrowed down a date when Brooke Mueller’s going to die? I’m going with Fourth of July because Charlie Sheen’s like a bad movie serial killer who only attacks on holidays.

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