Charlie Sheen is a fertile bastard

Charlie Sheen’s done it again. “Bullseye Johnson” has knocked up another wife within just weeks of the wedding. Because nothing bonds a really weird, old actor and the bride who thinks he has money together like an immediate pregnancy. *sigh* OK! Magazine reports:

“Brooke informed me two days ago that very soon we’d be producing our own version of Two-and-a-Half Men,'” recalls the Emmy-winning actor, who is already the father to three daughters, Cassandra, 13, Samantha, 4, and 3-year-old Lola. “That would imply it’s a boy, so until we know, we’ll refer to it as ‘Two-and-a-Half People.’ We’re beyond happy to be new parents together.”

Charlie Sheen knows you can pull out, right? Just sayin’.