Charlie Sheen may have some issues, just a few

October 4th, 2007 // 106 Comments

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are in the middle of a heated custody battle. Denise recently filed some documents regarding Charlie’s behavior which Page Six got their hands on:

Pictures of Sheen’s “erect penis” that Richards says he used for his profile on sex sites are also included, which Richards claims he e-mailed to “approximately 30 women.”

“I’d love to give it to you any time,” Sheen wrote to one woman under the screen name “mrjonze55.”

Richards says Sheen even visited gay pornography sites – “which I found even more disturbing because I felt that the boys looked underage.”

Charlie is also very adamant about breast-feeding:

Richards accuses Sheen of punching the headboard of their bed once in a rage, and telling her that by no longer breast-feeding, she was causing their daughter, Sam, to “become retarded.”

“He took a large wedding photo off the wall. He had it placed in our garage. He sawed the picture in half and took spray paint and sprayed ‘the dumbest day of my life.’”

Charlie Sheen tore his wedding picture in half and wrote “the dumbest day of my life” on it. That is freaking hilarious. Oh, it’s disturbed, but, seriously, who does that? Outside of a five-year-old? I can just see him arguing in court: “Your honor, my ex-wife Denise doesn’t deserve to have custody of the kids, because, well, she’s just a big poop-head. Also she’s super-retarded.” Honestly, Charlie Sheen should be a lawyer. He’d win every case. You just can’t compete with this level of word-play.


  1. Whodey

    what an idiot

  2. veggi is feeling britneyish

    I feel like punching shit too.

  3. Doomhammer

    I dont see the problem. Porn is good. Precious porn.

    Any bitch coming between a man and his teen cheerleader porn is evil and jealous.

  4. Tim

    He’s just acting out what’s inside every guy.

  5. Mitchell Brother

    Dude sounds crazy. I’m wondering if Emillio is thinking he should shoot his brother for real like they did in Triple X?

  6. CB

    Call me crazy, but I feel that after starring in a movie such as “Men at Work,” Sheen should be immune from any social stigma and/ or legal recourse.

    That being said, “Id love to give it to you any time” is also an ingenious statement regarding photo’s of his erect penis. This, alone, should prove his competency as a father and subsequently win him custody.

  7. Denise is my cow . . .

    “Richards accuses Sheen of punching the headboard of their bed once in a rage, and telling her that by no longer breast-feeding, she was causing their daughter, Sam, to “become retarded.”"

    That’s just an excuse; everyone knows Denise was probably being selfish and not letting Charlie titty-fuck her and then nurse, and so he got mad . . .

  8. That’s a lot of effort, spraypainting the picture. I would’ve run over it with my car. Much easier.

  9. steve

    Just what happens when two tards tango.

  10. Judy Greer

    The Superficial TRIES to play catch-up…


  11. Too bad he ruined Densie … she had potential

  12. JP

    By “I’d love to give it to you anytime”, is he referring to the picture of his penis? Or the penis itself? I feel that further clarification is needed before I can make an informed decision. Maybe this statement merely indicates an exchange between two avid photography buffs. It’s all so unclear.

  13. Denise Needs to Quit Being in Denia

    Denise knew that Charlie was a big horny bastard before he met him. Heck the entire US knew that he liked whores and easy lays. Why is she acting like it is front page news!

  14. havoc

    One more argument against marriage…..


  15. KamUK

    Like this is news? one look at that loony toons face says it all. It’s funny though.

  16. amma

    …I feel like they are both idiots. But clearly–this guy is off his rocker. Makes me feel sorry for his kids. Yeah, porn is fine…underage porn=not fine. Being angry is fine…pitching a tantrum=not fine. Married and sending strangers pictures of your schlong…aaaah, there’s a word for that..LOSER.

  17. Denise Knew Charlie Was Always Horny


    He did not ruin Denise. She knew he liked to screw a lot of women and whores. Denise knew what she was getting into but decided to look the other way. Denise got what she wanted, she got famous for marrying Charlie.

  18. God I hate Mondays

    Oh right. And Charlie Sheen is WEIRD!!! I like that. Wouldn’t date him though.

  19. veggi is fucking pissed today

    I hear ya frist. FUCKING mondays!!!!

    and all men fucking love porn. duh.

  20. please just stfu already

    Topper Harley: So… I guess you’ve been with a man before…
    Ramada Thompson: I’m a virgin. I’m just not very good at it.

  21. Rob

    Behind every woman (hot or not), there is a man who is completely and utterly tired of putting up with her shit.

    I’ve tried twice and failed both times. The common denominator is ME? No, the common denominator is FEMALE. Maybe Sheen has it right by trying to hook up with men. BLEEAAHHHHH!!!

  22. LL

    RE 14. havoc – October 4, 2007 12:11 PM – One more argument against marriage…..

    For reals.

    Having said that, I gotta wonder WTF is wrong with a dude who has a hot chick at home to bang (and I’m not saying Denise was wife of the year or anything, just sayin’) and still has to get some strange. Most men would love to hear that the wife doesn’t want to breast feed anymore (because now he gets them titties all to himself again), but not this freak. Martin Sheen must be proud. If you want to bang numerous mostly anonymous women, just don’t get married. And you might want to make sure you have a steady supply of rubbers, and maybe get regular AIDS, herpes, Hep C, genital warts tests, too, just to be safe. I wouldn’t touch Charlie Sheen now with someone else’s poon at the end of a 10-foot-pole. He’s gotta be diseased in some way. We talk about Paris and Pam being diseased, but they got that way with unwise sexual partners/practices (I don’t believe Pam got it from a needle, that sounds like BS to me). There’s tons of dicks out there dripping with disease. Probably more men than women are carrying all kinds of shit you don’t want any part of.

  23. LL

    Yeah, Rob, if you picked and married two losers, you ARE part of the problem. At the very least, you’re a poor judge of character. And I’d say the same to women who bitch that they can’t find anything but losers.

    Feel free to switch teams, doesn’t sound like the ladies will be missing much.

    Just sayin’, and it HAD to be said. And I’m being kinder than most whose responses will follow mine.

  24. @22, You got the right one baby. Hit the nail on the head. He is just a screwed up hollywood loser. Grew up there, got screwed there, will dies a horrible death there.

  25. There still ain’t nothing about a hairy crank that turns me on. IF I was to want to run the streets, I’d have not got married.

  26. amma

    …hahah…I agree w/#22…what’s up with that? And also #21 {but it works both ways hon}…but especially #15!!! The one thing that got me about this post was his face!!! I mean “looney toon” all the way! Hysterical. Totally cracked me up this morning…;)

  27. BunnyButt

    For all the people who complain that we don’t rag on men like we do women, this is one raggedy, supremely unattractive guy. Honestly, the only way I could see any woman having sex with him is for the money, and it would have to be a helluva lot of money.

  28. gerard Vandenberg

    MAN, you big asshole. What do you say about spending your time more usefull? Are you a FAGGOT or what? What sort of meaning has life to you?
    Look around you, don’t “take” a girl or marry again. GO AND USE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AND USE YOUR IMAGINATION FOR A NEW MOVIE!!

  29. KC

    How big was that wedding picture? That’s a lot of words to spray paint.

  30. Why you so pissed today veggi? I know why I’M pissed….

    Oh, and chicks dig porn too. Well at least I do.

  31. FRIST!!! Dudes dig chicks that dig porn…

  32. John

    The problem with marriage.

    “Women think he will change. Men think she won’t”

    Anyway… As for the person who thinks more men have deseases than women. Actually the opposite is true. For two reasons.

    1) Non desirable men can’t screw around as easily as non desirable women.
    2) It’s easier for a woman to catch it from an infected partner. Look at the stats from Africa.

  33. Hollywood doesn’t marry, they merge carreers….We can count on one hand, the successful marriages. Will/Jada, and few others, but they suck as marriage partners. Why not have sex, and have fun, and then when you are old, and your career is over, have your little farm with your little wife, and your little rug rats.

  34. PunkA

    All Charlie needs to do is present photos of Denise on the beach with Richie Sambora that were up on the Fish showing her with coke in her nose. Stupidity and naked photos vs. coke use? Yeah. K-Fed over Britney. Charlie over Denise.

  35. Mugato

    I think she’s a lying whore about the gay porn.

  36. tania bella

    Can’t everyone just leave a comment without being preverted, it gets old reading comments from uneducated morons.

  37. Oops, i crapped my pants!

    #36 Then don’t read them. The price of freedom is tolerance.

  38. #36 What’s preverted?
    Well at least you’re not an uneducated moron like the rest of us.

  39. #36 The story is he said/she said perverted crap. If you don’t like the thread, don’t read it, or comment. And speaking of moronic, I’d be surprised if your bon bon eating, Oprah watching ass even graduated High School. How ya like me now?

  40. juck

    #21 u are so right ,behind every woman hot or not,stands a guy who is sick of her true.

  41. LL

    RE 32. John – October 4, 2007 12:45 PM: I don’t know if you’re a medical professional (I kinda doubt it, and neither am I), but your “evidence” sounds like something Britney would throw together. Using AIDS transmission rates from sub-Saharan Africa to argue that women get diseased more readily (mostly from men, so not sure what your point is there) isn’t really relevant to disease patterns in America, which is what I was was referring to. As for your first point, define “undesirable.” Ugly, old? Then how does Trump get laid? Unless you have actual facts from a reputable source, you’re gonna have to do better than that. Women may become infected more readily than men, but it doesn’t follow from that that they pass on disease AS readily TO men. Do some reading up on patterns and means of VD transmission, etc. and get back to us.

    I don’t actually know that “probably” more men than women are disease carriers in this country (that’s why I used the word “probably”), it was just a guess. I love how men brag about being promiscuous (as many do), but don’t want to claim what usually goes with that behavior (ie, disease, often chronic, incurable disease). Charlie Sheen appears to be a big old skank, but we hardly ever hear about the male skanks, just the female ones. I was just pointing out that the female “skanks” get their diseases from someone, and that someone is usually a male. So if we’re gonna rag on Paris and Pam and Lohan, it’s only fair (not to mention amusing) to do the same for their male counterparts. If you’re gonna stick your dick in everything that stays still enough to let you, you’re probably gonna pick something up and pass it on, forevermore.

  42. Me

    mrjonze55!! I havehad some hot cybersex with that guy!

  43. ssdd

    Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, Emilio & Ramon Estevez 1 Huge Assclown of a family…and its fitting that Charlie Sheen ended up with someone as whacked out as him..Denise Richards…both losers. After all of these years you would think they would stop trying to be important.

  44. Andie

    He was hansome when he was younger, now he just looks creepy.

  45. Miguelito

    I have been trying to give up porn, I don’t think it’s good for my mind. I wonder about people who praise porn as if it’s all hunky-dory when it’s between consenting adults. Adults can be stupid, too, you know. The girls in those movies are ruined, they will never be loved. Look at porn if you have to, but don’t make it into some happy thing.

    Just like if someone is born gay, fine, but I’m so sick of their parades and the general gay-worship of the modern world. What is there to celebrate about going to dungeons and putting your ass in a sling to be fucked by sixteen men in a row? Yet gays are supposed to be so friendly and funny, we have to “celebrate” them all the time. Keep it to your fucking selves!

    Rant over.

  46. my comment

    #45 – Charlie Sheen has ALWAYS been creepy.

    Now he’s creepy to the tenth power.

  47. JP

    Please, dear Lord, let this, the longest and most boring workday of my career, end before I do something stupid. I haven’t received an email since this morning. TMZ and Superficial are not posting anything. Perezhilton has been blocked by my company, and not even my wife is answering at her work. If the internet monitor-guys look at my records, they will be amazed at how many times I have been to the news sites and entertainment sites. I have pooped twice. My butt is LITERALLY sore from sitting here. Somebody……….please…

  48. NewOrleansNegroSwimleague

    Her lawyer is making her say this crap, this is classic Kalifornia lawyer shit. It’s all about the money. Money.Money.Money. Lawyers and ex wives should all fucking die.

  49. Jimbo

    Miguelito I bet you have a yummy ass.

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