Charlie Sheen is f-cked

February 25th, 2010 // 32 Comments

Because God apparently hates CBS sitcoms as much as I do, Charlie Sheen’s fate has fallen into the hands of Denise Richards who’s spent every moment since their divorce building a career based on calling him an asshole. RadarOnline reports:

Colorado authorities want to interview at least three women from Charlie Sheen’s past as they get ready to prosecute the actor on domestic violence charges, has learned exclusively.
Ex girlfriends Brittany Ashland and Kelly Preston, plus ex wife Denise Richards are all being sought for interviews, a source close to the situation told
The district attorney handling Sheen’s case has not issued subpoenas and authorities want the women to cooperate voluntarily as they collect information about Sheen’s troubled past.

I don’t want to say this is the greatest moment of Denise Richards’ life, but I will say she’s wearing a party hat and spraying her kids in the face with champagne as we speak.

SAM: Mom, I’m only five.
DENISE: It’s your father’s fault! WHEE!

Photos: WENN

  1. lol

    omg first

  2. michelle

    lmfao!! hahahaha this is going to be interesting.

  3. Richard McBeef

    outside of hard fucking, i am not sure if there is any use for that woman.

  4. DKNY

    Don’t forget he SHOT Kelly Preston about 20 years ago. That’s got to be worse than anything Denise Richards could say.

  5. She was stupid for thinking that she was “special” and could change him. Dumber for ruining her body & giving him children.

  6. gobo

    Despite the abuse to women he still gets dates? Women clearly know what there getting into and still go out with him? :o

  7. yeehaw

    #5, from where i’m sitting it doesn’t look like anything could ruin that…except for my DICK

  8. Dread not

    Blowjobs. See that mouth?

  9. Thank you for your sharing.

  10. Pretzel

    Charlie Sheen is a world-renowned abuser and wife beater. I hope he gets everything that comes to him, and I hope the ladies wake the F up and stop marrying the douchebag.

  11. Darth

    She’d look like she had a rough night.

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  13. captain america

    he is lucky: HIS WIFE TOO.

  14. Irene Barcelo

    Oh, poor Kelly Preston; talk about being haunted by your past.

  15. Jammy

    Wow- so you got more money than god, you’re by default – stink up the screen already- famous, and been at it for a while, so it’s not new, so you do yer best to get a crack soaked case of chlamydia and then slap whatever fine piece of ass bitch around when they get too chatty.

  16. kingofbeer


    That is all.

  17. MarryMeDenise

    Charlie was and is an idiot.
    Denise is and has always been gorgeous…now, if she would just stop talking…

  18. RebelMinion

    She shoulda stuck with Johnny Rico.

  19. herbiefrog

    emotional in…

    explains a lot?

    good sttory : )

  20. Tire Swing

    Unless he was convicted of or pleaded guilty to the prior domestic assaults, they’re not admissible in his current case.

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