Charlie Sheen is f-cked

Because God apparently hates CBS sitcoms as much as I do, Charlie Sheen’s fate has fallen into the hands of Denise Richards who’s spent every moment since their divorce building a career based on calling him an asshole. RadarOnline reports:

Colorado authorities want to interview at least three women from Charlie Sheen’s past as they get ready to prosecute the actor on domestic violence charges, has learned exclusively.
Ex girlfriends Brittany Ashland and Kelly Preston, plus ex wife Denise Richards are all being sought for interviews, a source close to the situation told
The district attorney handling Sheen’s case has not issued subpoenas and authorities want the women to cooperate voluntarily as they collect information about Sheen’s troubled past.

I don’t want to say this is the greatest moment of Denise Richards’ life, but I will say she’s wearing a party hat and spraying her kids in the face with champagne as we speak.

SAM: Mom, I’m only five.
DENISE: It’s your father’s fault! WHEE!

Photos: WENN