Charlie Sheen is hilarious, let’s forgive him!

At a table read for Two and a Half Men following the holidays, Charlie Sheen made a joke about his holiday fiasco which cracked everybody up so he wouldn’t knife them in the pancreas. RadarOnline reports:

Jon gave a quick answer and the producer moved on to Angus T. Jones and after Jones answered the producer moved on and said, “Charlie, what did YOU do for the holidays?”
As everyone laughed, Charlie answered, “Well, I met Kobe Bryant’s bail bondsman!”
And yes, the entire room cracked up.

Kobe Bryant’s bail bondsman! HAHAHAHA! You held a knife to your wife’s throat! HOHOHOHO! You two have infant twins! HEHEHEHE! They’ll probably see one of you drunkenly murder the other. BAHAHAHAHAHA!

*wipes tear from eye*

Thank you, Charlie Sheen. I needed that.

Photos: WENN