Charlie Sheen is engaged

July 11th, 2007 // 45 Comments

Charlie Sheen took his girlfriend Brooke Mueller on a seven-day vacation in Costa Rica and he topped off the trip with a $500,000 engagement ring. A friend of Sheen confirmed the two are engaged, and Charlie’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, congratulated them both, telling People:

“I am genuinely happy for the two of them. In fact, I sent them flowers to congratulate them both. I’ve spent time with her, and my girls really like her. That’s all that matters to me.”

This Brooke Mueller chick has guts. Did she not hear about all of the hijinks Charlie Sheen pulled with Denise Richards? Like, oh, I dunno, threatening to kill her and their children? Or maybe his addictions to gambling, drugs, and pornography? Judging by the things Denise Richards has said about him, Dracula would probably make a better husband.


  1. Sunflower

    It’s amazing what money can do…

    Oh, yeah.. I almost forgot…. First!

  2. jonymartin


  3. thebets

    ah 4th?! anyways, he’s ugly.




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  5. Hoya

    I am going to name my children Charlie Sheen

  6. nothanks

    i’m still amazed that you haven’t figured out that Denise Richards is a crazy psycho. Anything Charlie might have done was a direct result of that, and the rest is just the mindless drivel of a psycho bitch.

  7. sue

    Why would she marry him???

    Wait…”$500,000 engagement ring”…got it.

  8. RichPort

    This maniac has had more ass than a seat on the New York City subway… proof positive that most women have no self esteem.

    And wasn’t the “Charlie” sheen how our snipers in ‘Nam used to pick off sweaty commies in the bush at 1000 yards?

  9. Chauncey Gardner

    If I could hang out with any celebrity for a day, it would be Chuck Sheen. That guy knows how to live.

  10. John Cryer

    @11 I have been to the taping of his show several times and he is pretty boring on the set

  11. schack


    hey, Bern. same DMB today. trying to pass off yesterday’s news as today’s freak daily dose?

  12. nagger please

    He’s just another Hollywood liberal who makes millions of dollars pretending to be someone else..

  13. schack

    p.s. there’s nothing wrong with gambling, drugs or pornography, in themselves…so what constitutes an addiction? losing control of your life? but charlie is employed and probably rich. what the hell does he have to be straight for?

  14. drewski

    Superfish, get the sand out of your vagina. Since when is having an addiction to gambling, and ESPECIALLY PORNOGRAPHY, a problem? Jesus, you’re a pussy. As far as the drugs being a problem, I’m not sure about that, but get back to me next week, I’ll do a little experimenting and let you know….

  15. schack

    i’m pretty sure denise is the one with sand in her vag, and superfish just swims up there.

  16. Pessoti

    Dear superficial, where are de boobs, nipples, and panties ? LOL…

    Let´s post it.

    Regards from Brasil!

  17. we met on the Superficial

    schack ♥ ♥ ♥ drewski

  18. #13 – it’s not the same. Follow the link on the first post. It’s brand-cocking-new. Trust me cochise.

  19. Doomhammer

    I went to his first wedding and Im thinking about going to this one. I just hope he has that cocaine fountain again.

  20. Thank you for taking a stand against this man!! He has filandered left and right and he is not a very good handsome actor. I think that Brook will spend most of the marriage on her knees!!

    Roberta Shugs

  21. CoM

    Who isn’t addicted to drugs and porn?

    (I’d gamble, too, but I need the money for drugs and porn.)

  22. lambman

    LOL, the only thing funnier than the outcome of this will be when Sienna Miller cries about P. Diddy cheating on her.

  23. Sheva

    Instead of doing something useful like posting pictures of this Brooke babe, we get moralizing form the Fish and a picture of Charlie.

    That is oh so what we don’t need here.

    As for Denise, one must accept her judgement. She’s probably making a load of money in payments from Charlie being gainfully employed on a top TV show and she was a nuclear scientist. Okay, it was in a Bond movie but she’s still very smart to divorce a guy with money, right?

    And who cares what Charlie is doing outside the norm? The guy is a Hollywood legend for the amount of money he’s spent on hookers alone not to mention dating porn stars. Who can forget his famous quote on banging one regularly: “It’s so fucking beyond Thunderdome.”

    Who cares about Charlie’s moonbat politics and his marriages. He’s a legend of Hollywood excess.

    Now show us the damn babe Fish.

  24. brooke

    at least its easier than ordering a mail order bride

  25. I wonder if he’ll call her a (n-word).

  26. Mr. Black

    Denise Richards is an ugly thick browed beast, fuck her.

    I like the way Chuck and this new broad go to Costa Rica of all places and spends 500 large on a rock. God only knows how much they blew on blow! Shit, this bitch must be a real partier and bitter Denise obviously couldn’t hang.

  27. Penis Mightier

    Remember that one movie he did where he played a garbage man and he and his partner had a rivalry with a couple other garbage men and then they got all caught up in some mafia murder or something and hilarity soon followed? That was awesome.

  28. stormerpathos

    Penis Mightier that was Men at Work! I thought I was the only one who liked that movie. Are you ready to do the nasty?

  29. venus

    hey, i don’t even know who brooke mueller is, but i’m sure she’s probably a nuclear physicist/mensa member. cos it’s sounds like something a person so absurdly intelligent would do. but then, denise richards…come on, a walking best-guy-in-the-world magnet..consider her publicized relationships…and for staying with charlie sheen even with all the stuff he was doing to her/their kids. so, obviously, charlie sheen is a genius magnet, too. sooo…charlie sheen+brooke mueller=a match made in heaven. PS. i’m not even going to google who brooke mueller is, i don’t want to be disillusioned..i’d prefer to think of her as having a brain of einstein proportions.

  30. schack

    #23 is hysterical to me…

  31. schack

    #31… i think you mean einsteinian proportions

  32. venus

    #33 i stand corrected, i reread after i posted & realized my error. alas, no edit option. thank you for your eagle eye (and dare i say, quick wit? huzzah!).

  33. Chauncey Gardner


    What’s he supposed to do on set besides his job?

  34. Morticia

    Roberta Shugs you are one strange bitch. Anyone else check out the link to her blog? Remind me of Edna, except with a sense of humor…I think.

  35. Anarchist Penguin

    At least Dracula’d be hot.

  36. kelly

    Since when did Quwagmire from the FAmily guy get all 3d on us…and hes engaged too!!!! Wow no more Giggity Giggity huh…

  37. how many fuckin timez doez
    zomeone need to get married..
    before they find out it doezn’t
    fuckin work, ztupid fuckerz…

    I bet hez a hairy fuckin ape
    under thoze pantz,,dick iz zmall.

  38. efftotheeff

    Mmmmm, he’s a real catch. Good thinking it through, honey!

  39. dannielynn'sdaddy

    #29, Well played Farley reference. Extra points for getting someone to actually answer your question!

    #36, I just got done reading the whole thing myself. I don’t know if I liked it or not but I do know I read the whole damned thing.

  40. flyby

    Uh oh…does this mean no more new TV episodes until after the honeymoon? What will I do for humor now???

  41. bigone

    Can we at least get some pics of his latest hooker…err.. I mean fiance. Goes to show you that you can buy a wife if you have enough dough.

  42. Gravatar Charlie’s only redeeming feature is 2 and a half men. You think Denise and this girl are ugly? What about him? He’s got a face like a freakin’ bashed crab. Its one of the worlds enduring mysteries that he gets such good looking chicks.

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