Charlie Sheen is a great husband

In an effort to make Elin & Tiger Woods look like pansies, Charlie Sheen allegedly attacked his drunken wife Brooke Mueller with a knife on Christmas night. While details of the incident are sketchy particularly now that Brooke is no longer cooperating with the police, the Chicago Sun-Times reminds us how awesome it is to be involved with Charlie Sheen:

In 1991 he shot then fiancee Kelly Preston in the arm — though that was ruled an ”accident.” There was a 1997 attack on girlfriend Brittany Ashland that led to him being arrested and charged with domestic battery. And of course, we can’t forget ex-wife Denise Richards’ allegations that Sheen was physically abusive with her.
Sheen’s TV show associate told me Sunday, ”Charlie’s temper is legendary. We’re always on pins and needles, not knowing when he’ll explode.”

At this point, I know everyone’s reaction is “Hey, maybe we should’ve taken Denise Richards a little more seriously.” To which I say, “Listen to Denise Richards?! Pull yourself together, man! It’s not like Charlie Sheen’s out there stabbing people.”

Oh, right.

Photos: Splash News