Charlie Sheen dropped by Hanes

While CBS busts out the whitewash because your dad thinks Two and a Half Men is hilarious, Hanes immediately dropped Charlie Sheen from it’s ad campaigns the day following his arrest, according to the AP:

“It’s a pretty standard, straightforward call when somebody who’s in your commercials is arrested on suspicion of something of this magnitude,” Hall said. “And we would suspend the ads both for the company and, really, for Mr. Sheen and his family as well. Given the publicity, it makes sense to not air those ads during that time.”
Hall said the television ads were stopped effective Dec. 28, the first business day after Sheen was arrested. He said some print ads will continue to appear into the spring.
“Unfortunately, the production schedule of those publications do not allow us to pull those ads,” Hall said.

Ironically, however, Hanes continues to sell wife-beaters. (I’m on to you.)