Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards divorce

charlie_denise_thumb1.jpgCharlie Sheen and Denise Richards jointly refiled for divorce yesterday, saying the reasons were “cumulative.” They initially filed for divorce last March but tried to reconcile for the sake of their daughters. Which is nice and all, but I suspect the real reason for their attempted reconciliation had less to do with their children and more to do with Charlie getting tired of paying for whores and getting chlamydia.

Sheen and Richards learned just how much they hate each other last month after they left the kids at home for a romantic getaway at a resort in Barbados. Splash News reports they fought, avoided each other, and left two days early.

Not a good week for the kids. First the “Surprise! We’re going on vacation without you!” and then the “Surprise! We’re back! And we’re getting divorced. Again. Sorry to kind of lead you on like that.” This is like The Parent Trap in reverse. In any case, I give it three weeks before Charlie puts the bunnyranch back on speed-dial. Maybe two.

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