Charlie Sheen Supports Lindsay. Oh, Good.

While her mom, and now dad, make their respective moves for the conservatorship they’ve always dreamed of, Lindsay Lohan is getting support from a man who has to have made her new publicist shit at least five kittens if not a pack of marmosets. RadarOnline reports:

“I think she’s doing the best that she can,” [Charlie Sheen] told reporter Katie Rhames.
“It’s not easy to begin with… but then you put it under the bright lights of this circus and it makes it that much more difficult. People just need to leave her alone and let her do her thing.”
Sheen added: “I think at the end of the day she’ll win.”

While some might consider the words of Charlie Sheen to be nothing but the rantings of a madman hell-bent on forcing women to breastfeed with a gun, I actually see at it as a realistic vote of confidence. Plus all that other stuff. Here’s a guy who just got away with putting a knife to his wife’s throat and threatening to kill her in a crack-filled rage, only to spend the time before his slap on the wrist banging hookers. The man knows a thing or two about celebrity justice. For his next trick, he’ll probably hijack a school bus, launch it off Space Mountain then receive a medal of honor for his dedication to keeping kids in school. — I’m giving Lindsay’s pointers, aren’t I? Goddammit…

Photos: Splash News

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