Charlie Sheen Took Steroids While Filming ‘Major League’

June 29th, 2011 // 28 Comments

You’d assume a story about Charlie Sheen admitting to using any type of drug would be the exact opposite of news by now, but then again we’re two days out from a holiday weekend, so of course his new interview with Sports Illustarted is the second biggest story on the Internet behind Quentin Tarantino: Toe-Sucker. Via Starpulse:

He tells Sports Illustrated, “Let’s just say that I was enhancing my performance a little bit. It was the only time I ever did steroids. I did them for like six or eight weeks. You can print this, I don’t give a fuck. My fastball went from 79 (miles-per-hour) to like 85.”
Sheen eventually quit taking steroids after realizing the drug made it difficult for him to control his temper – and he came close to blows when strangers mocked the famous spiky haircut he sported for the 1989 movie.
He adds, “I didn’t like the haircut because it generated so many comments in bars. I’ve got enough of that already. Add that to the mix, and it’s a recipe for a fistfight.”

Jesus, a coke-fueled Charlie Sheen on steroids? I’m pretty sure that’s the exact recipe for Captain America’s super-soldier serum, if they wanted him to beat hookers with a shield instead of Nazis.

GENERAL: I’ve never seen a man punch that many dames in my life. He’s like a machine!
SCIENTIST: Velcome to my secret vormula, general. Although please do not listen to any vords he says about “tiger blood.” I don’t know vhere he gets zat vrom, but it gets pretty vuckin’ annoying. I should not have laughed ze virst time, I vas voolish.

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  1. Daily Moisturizing

    I can see why he has to pay girls to have sex with him. He looks extremely unhealthy and dead on the inside. I bet Hugh Hefner’s balls look much better than his and that is not a compliment.

  2. Steelerchick

    That explains the tiny balls.

  3. he ruined that roided body with those tats ;-) but kudos for not shaving his chest n happy trail, that’s so homoerotic

    • Do all tattoos turn into kindergarten quality doodles after a few years, or do people just choose to get ridiculously low quality tats from the start?

      And why is his elbow wrapped? Does he do some king of amazing acrobatic masturbation during his show? actually, I’d go watch that…

  4. The Critical Crassness

    Fish has slipped back to “The Gay Side” yet again. First, Rosie “The Giraffe Neck” Huntington-Whiteley, then Quentin Tarantino, now Charlie “#winning” Sheen….Gay, very fucking Gay! There used to be pictures and musings about actual females on the Superficial… we get the “Three Musketeers” meets the “Thing from the Toe Tags #34″ meets a female “giraffe impersonator” from England.

  5. Charlie Sheen Steroids
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that Linus and his blanket from Peanuts on his right pec?

  6. Morgan

    Coke+Steroids= Stimpack

    • Rancid

      Is that the recipe? I don’t bother making stuff, they’re pretty easy to come by. Plus I’m good at killing things before they get near me, so I don’t need many stimpacks.

  7. cc

    He ‘took steroids’ in the same sense I ‘take the raisins’ in a bowl of raisan bran.

  8. Dan

    He always looks like he should be on the porch of a double wide, sipping booze out of a paper bag, and smoking Marlboro Reds with his female white trash neighbor from next door.

  9. Ish Kabibble

    I’d tap that?

  10. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Looks as horrible as my whole life

  11. Nice prison tats, Jesus (pronounced with an “h”).

  12. He took steroids to increase his fastball…for filming a movie…

    Was he so coked up he thought he was ACTUALLY playing baseball?

    • Rancid

      The baseball in those movies is real. The director was like Kubrik, he wanted as much reality in the scenes as possible. They would play entire series of games until he saw the few shots he needed.

      The same was true for “Air Bud”. They went through several dogs because they were getting murdered inside the key.

      • Jeff

        i can’t believe you put major league and stanley kubrick in the same sentence. Comments are like car wrecks, you know you shouldn’t look but you do…and then you regret it.

  13. No sign of his ranting, he might be trying to be perceived as sane now!

  14. Is that Linus and his blanket from Peanuts on his right pec?

  15. BE


    How about posting some nice Dwayne Johnson pics to make up for what you just put us through…

  16. Liz

    If you’re impressed by the speed of his fastball, you should see how fast he can do a speedball!

  17. tlmck

    Good move with the arm band covering up the needle marks. Would not want to freak anyone out or anything.

  18. Charlie Sheen Steroids
    Commented on this photo:

    So sexy it hurts.

  19. Izzie

    I think this is a subject that is going to become more and more newsworthy as more athletes’ and celebrities’ extreme behaviors lead back to their misuse of these drugs. I read an article on that gave a list of behaviors believed to be caused by steroid misuse. Scary!

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