Charlie Sheen Just Evicted Denise Richards And His Own Daughters From Their Home

When we last left Charlie Sheen, he was throwing a hissy fit over Rihanna refusing to meet him, Charlie Sheen, a man who deserves what he wants and that mentality never ends horribly for anybody. And now comes word that he’s made good on his threats to evict Denise Richards from her home after Brett Rossi – I’m sorry, “Scottine Sheen.” – sucked his penis hard enough to make him think he doesn’t have to pay child support anymore. Radar reports:

Denise Richards, and her daughters, Sam, 10, Lola, 8, and Eloise, 2, are on the move, has learned, since Richards’ ex, Charlie Sheen has ordered them to leave the home they have been living in — and sold it to a friend.
The home, which Sheen had bought for Richards, his daughters Sam and Lola, and Richards’ adopted daughter Eloise, featured six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and 9,000 square feet of luxury living space.
But now, lawyers for Sheen “have been working with Denise in vacating the premises,” a source told Radar exclusively. “Charlie has wanted Denise out of the gated community where he also lives for months, and his porn star fiancée, Brett Rossi has been pushing for it too.”

Granted, Charlie Sheen does have the right to sell the house which he generously provided so he can be closer to his daughters that Denise Richards started restricting access to around Christmas because he’s Charlie Sheen so logic and reason are on her side. However, I also have the right to walk up to women and tell them their babies are ugly, but I don’t because that would be a dick move (and they almost always have pepper spray). My point being, maybe not make your daughters’ homeless because you can’t control your insane, coke-fueled anger and hooker-fucking long enough to have the semblance of a meaningful relationship with them. And I realize everything I just said went right over your head, so hold on. There’s gotta be a porn star who can make her vagina talk like a hand-puppet. This is the future, right?

Photos: Splash News