Charlie Sheen’s Finally Getting His Porn House

He can barely contain himself.

Because cocaine told him there’s no way a live show wouldn’t reap him $100 bajillion, Charlie Sheen’s Beverly Hills mansion is up for sale. Except within 24 hours of hit going on the market, it’s already got a bidder, according to TMZ:

Sources connected to the deal tell us … the bigwigs at approached Sheen’s realtor with an offer to buy the place for $4.5 million in cash …. WAY lower than Sheen’s listing price, $7.2 mil.
We’re told the YouPorn people have told Sheen’s people they hope to fulfill Sheen’s dream of moving in several porn stars to live at the mansion. The YouPorn peeps told the realtor if Sheen accepts the deal, he can hang out at the porno compound as much as he wants.

I like how YouPorn even bothered offering him cash. Are they looking for a tax write-off or something? Because I’m pretty sure this deal could’ve down much easier.

YOUPORN: Sign over the deed to your house, and we’ll let you watch us make porn.
CHARLIE: Will the girls have horrific looking vaginas?
CHARLIE: I like those odds. Sold!

Photos: Splash News