Charlie Sheen Is A Birther, Of Course

Attacking Barack Obama for filling out his NCAA bracket is the annual right-wing Christmas present that keeps on giving. And this year, Charlie Sheen wants in on the festivities because what egomaniac doesn’t enjoy a chance to be blatantly racist and barely literate at the same time?

Barry Satera Kenya
u won’t attend a
soldier’s funeral uhkros
da street that u kild
yet u hav time
4 brackets?
s a d

One of the easiest and simplest ways to dismiss every word coming out of a person’s mouth is if they refer to Barack Obama as Barry Soetoro, a debunked, bullshit birther myth where a Columbia University ID was forged to make it look like Obama was a foreign exchange student from ONE OF THOSE BLACK COUNTRIES!! FREEDOM! And if you follow the comments on The Superficial, you’ve more than likely seen it used by our resident conservatives who hopefully are reading this right now and realizing they share the same thought process as a man whose brain is consistently deprived of oxygen thanks to coke and/or hooker anus. It’s not too late for you. Turn back!

Photo: MobyPicture