Charlie Sheen Is Allegedly Bisexual, Claims His HIV Went Away

And welcome back to Charlie Sheen AIDS Week. (HIV has too many syllables. Shut up.)

As reported earlier, Charlie Sheen will appear live on TODAY tomorrow morning to discuss his HIV status that’s pretty much been confirmed as positive as shit. Except there are also lawsuits, settlements and NDAs being signed out the anus thanks to Charlie Sheen fucking anything he could get his hands on (more on that in a bit), which is why you have Sheen sources now telling TMZ that, okay, he had HIV, but it’s a special kind that magically went away, so he didn’t have to tell anyone about it. Yup.

Our sources say Charlie has known for more than 2 years that he was HIV positive … and one source says he’s known way longer than that. We’re told Charlie was taking meds for the HIV and has had a series of blood tests, and over time, the virus has been “undetectable” in his system.
We’re told Charlie freely admits he’s had scores of sexual partners over the years, many of whom had intimate relations with him after his diagnosis. The implication here is clear … Charlie is saying he didn’t deceive anyone, since the blood tests did not reveal the presence of HIV.

Now, if you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t think HIV works like that,” congratulations, no one’s tricking you into a bareback romp with Carlos Cokesteves:

Doctors beg to differ and say once someone has HIV they have it for life, at least until medicine advances.

Of course, the big question isn’t how Charlie Sheen got HIV because, well, Charlie Sheen, it’s how long has he known. And celebrity crisis manager Wendy Feldman not only put Sheen’s diagnosis at roughly 10 years ago, contradicting his team’s timeline, but also just outed him as bisexual in an interview with Page Six:

“He’s had this for a long time,” she told Page Six on Monday. “He’s worked to calibrate his meds and we saw him go off the rails a few years ago. That’s his pattern for the past 10 years.”
While Feldman has never worked with Sheen, she added that she’s “shocked” the often-unpredictable 50-year-old’s interview with Matt Lauer will be broadcast live. She is unsure how Sheen contracted the disease and if he’ll reveal he’s bisexual or that he’s used intravenous drugs.

There’s also been concern about Denise Richards and her daughters, but according to Us Weekly, Sheen contracted the virus after they split (Read: Not even two seconds later.), and both Denise and the girls are fine. As for porn star Bree Olson, many have speculated that contracting HIV from Charlie Sheen is why she quit porn back in 2011, but she actually was ahead of this story with a denial on Friday:

Although, as almost every report has pointed out, it’s worth millions to act like Charlie Sheen didn’t give you HIV, but in Bree Olson’s defense, waking up as a “goddess” in a goddamn coke dungeon is probably one of those things that really makes a person rethink their decisions in life. Case in point:

And while that’s depressing as hell, the important thing to remember is Charlie Sheen – the one person who should’ve got HIV ten times over – finally got HIV because sometimes this world isn’t a chaotic pinball machine filled with piss, shit, and terrorism. There’s hope, dammit.

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