Charlie Sheen Hates Jon Cryer Now

Charlie Sheen has mostly stayed mum on his Two and a Half Men costar Jon Cryer, but yesterday he apparently ran out of material and started calling him a “troll” because real winners don’t come up with new insults. That’s for that pussy Jefferson over there. Thinks he’s so tough… E! News reports:

“Like I said: You’re with me, or you’re with the trolls,” Sheen exclusively told E! News today. “Obviously he’s with the trolls.”
And Charlie doesn’t stop there.
… “Jon has not called me. He’s a turncoat, a traitor, a troll. Clearly he’s a troll,” said Sheen. “He issued a statement. Is it gonna take me calling him a ‘traitor, juvenile and scared’ for him to get it?”
Sheen might be misinformed on this count. E! News has repeatedly requested a statement from Cryer since Sheen first lashed out against the show over a week ago, but Cryer, via his rep, has declined to enter the fray. Cryer did do a sketch on Ellen riffing on his current unemployment but did not address Sheen directly; there was also a fake statement on Twitter from a spoof Cryer saying he was “shocked” with the whole debacle.
Furthermore, a source close to Cryer insists that Cyrer and Sheen have communicated and that Cryer did reach out to Sheen, but that out of respect, Cryer was not going to comment publicly.

In Charlie’s defense, he was the first to demand Two and a Half Men not film in front of a live audience when Jon’s ex-wife was legitimately trying to have him killed. That said, I think expecting him to be cool with torpedoing the most lucrative job of his life so you can rub your hooker and blow emporium in everyone’s face is probably stretching it a little bit. So hopefully Jon Cryer will come forward now and tell a bunch of hilarious stories that don’t sound like Dungeons & Dragons on meth. I’m talking clear, coherent sentences that illustrate the time he found a hooker folded up in the set oven, and not equating it to Quidditch.

Photos: Splash News