Charlie Sheen Got Booed Again, Really Wants His Old Job Back

“Did someone say moonshine?”

Despite a winning, hillbilly grin that makes me wonder what kind of sad world we live in where a man this handsome has to pay for sex, Charlie Sheen couldn’t win over the crowd at Radio City Music hall Friday night and was, again, booed offstage after whining about getting his old job back. E! News reports:

Then it was on to Two and a Half Men, where Sheen explained: “I didn’t quit. I gave you guys almost a decade of bitching entertainment and they fired me.” To which he added, “Of course I want my job back.”
While he skipped taking shots at the show’s head honcho, Chuck Lorre, Sheen joked about another former boss, Oliver Stone, who directed him in Wall Street and Platoon.
“I’ll buy an Academy Award from Oliver Stone ’cause he’s now broke,” Sheen said. “His movies now suck! Anyone seen Wall Street 2?”
Not even that joke could get the audience to stick around, however, as some attendees reportedly booed and walked out of the venue before the show ended.
On that note, Sheen cut the appearance short, ending about 30 minutes earlier than his shows in Ohio, and closing with these semi-kind words: “I love you, New York. You’re the best crowd ever—well, some of you.”

Again, I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who paid money to see a drug addict suddenly decide he’s a stand-up comedian now because people couldn’t stop watching him have a manic episode on TV. It’s not like they edited out the boring parts. Oh, no, people with coke habits always speak in concise, coherent soundbites. You can barely get a word out of them.

Photos: Pacific Coast News, Splash News