Charlie Sheen Got Booed Again, Really Wants His Old Job Back

April 11th, 2011 // 47 Comments

“Did someone say moonshine?”

Despite a winning, hillbilly grin that makes me wonder what kind of sad world we live in where a man this handsome has to pay for sex, Charlie Sheen couldn’t win over the crowd at Radio City Music hall Friday night and was, again, booed offstage after whining about getting his old job back. E! News reports:

Then it was on to Two and a Half Men, where Sheen explained: “I didn’t quit. I gave you guys almost a decade of bitching entertainment and they fired me.” To which he added, “Of course I want my job back.”
While he skipped taking shots at the show’s head honcho, Chuck Lorre, Sheen joked about another former boss, Oliver Stone, who directed him in Wall Street and Platoon.
“I’ll buy an Academy Award from Oliver Stone ’cause he’s now broke,” Sheen said. “His movies now suck! Anyone seen Wall Street 2?”
Not even that joke could get the audience to stick around, however, as some attendees reportedly booed and walked out of the venue before the show ended.
On that note, Sheen cut the appearance short, ending about 30 minutes earlier than his shows in Ohio, and closing with these semi-kind words: “I love you, New York. You’re the best crowd ever—well, some of you.”

Again, I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who paid money to see a drug addict suddenly decide he’s a stand-up comedian now because people couldn’t stop watching him have a manic episode on TV. It’s not like they edited out the boring parts. Oh, no, people with coke habits always speak in concise, coherent soundbites. You can barely get a word out of them.

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  1. He could always just learn the banjo..

  2. jumpin_j

    “I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone who paid money to see a drug addict suddenly decide he’s a stand-up comedian”

    You’re giving him waaaaay too much credit.

  3. The mouth of meth…

  4. jojo

    Hello best selling Halloween mask of 2011.

  5. the captain

    …………………………it’s pretty dificalt to ply the FIDDLE, folks!!
    (ask john denver)

  6. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    Did he trade one of his teeth for blow? Or for a blow job?

  7. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks like a kid in a candy store. Except the “kid” is a “decrepit lecher” and the “candy store” is a “seven gram rock”.

  8. kendrachanae

    Well he should’ve never fucked up in the first place

  9. He looks pretty good for a guy in his 60′s

  10. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    See, now I can see its a gold tooth in this pic. At least the gold isn’t damaged by the blow and meth . . .

  11. Marceelf

    Is that Charlie Sheen or your friendly neighborhood child molester?

  12. JedClampett

    Looks like he got a little too big for his britches…

  13. He has “gas station attendant” written all over his future…

  14. My Name Peggy

    Winning is hell on teeth.

  15. KumaTenshi

    I was reading an article about how these stupid twats that bought tickets were trying to unload them on people for face value…..just because YOU were stupid enough to buy them for that, doesn’t mean other people would. Hell, I’ll buy them for 5 dollars, just so I can torch the fuckers.

  16. LJ

    The Sunday Night Show at Radio City did ok.

    Friday Night at Radio City – Audience filled with “Jersey Shore” types who got tanked up after work and went to the Radio City to heckle Charlie Sheen and show him that they can act just as much like assholes as he can.

    Sunday Night at Radio City – A bunch of New Yorkers who wanted to gawk at the freak show.

    • The Critical Crassness

      If all they wanted to do was “gawk at the freak show”, they could have done that for free, right here at “The Superficial” compliments of Superfish! No need to pay for it.

    • Maybe these idiots could join together for a reality show called, “Fucktards.”

  17. karen

    He’s starting to look like an actual troll.

  18. The Critical Crassness

    Charlie Sheen’s next acting gig will be a role on “America’s Most Wanted”, where he will have no lines but will play the role of a drug-addict, skidrow bum.

  19. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks like a 65 year old man, back in the fall he still looked good. Just how much blow is he doing?

  20. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    Seriously, gold plated teeth? If he doesn’t get his old job back, what are the chances he’ll sell one of those babies for an 8-ball?

  21. He needs a reality show. We can call it… “The Whores of Hazard County”… kew kew kew….

  22. Fred Cloot

    Jesus. He looks like my dad after the cancer started spreading.

  23. Turd Ferguson

    His act was hilarious the first 48 hours of his breakdown last month; then the material (and great quotes) ran out. What is far more interesting are the imbeciles that would PAY to see him….do what ‘live’? Stand around and say WINNING while daisy chaining cigarettes together?

  24. “val-uh-dated.”

  25. You’d think that when your teeth start looking like Amy Winehouse’s gob, you’d get your friggin’ act together and sober up.



  27. smiley

    Is he missing a tooth? Man, he’s really starting to look like something straight out of Deliverance… yep, your winning Charlie.

  28. johnj

    its funny how media like this website keep covering him in such a hateful manner. your jealousy is so obvious you should be embarassed.


    ur just mad that his life is better than yours

  29. Sean

    Did Charlie remember that he was IN WALL STREET 2? He had a cameo. And he is correct in saying that it sucked.

  30. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    With the amount of drugs he uses and hookers he spends time with, it is only fitting that he is now looking like Heide Fleiss.

  31. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    he looks like a dying man

  32. Derek

    Has anybody ever seen Charlie Sheen and Michael Lohan in the same room together? I’m just saying…

  33. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    Don’t like this dude no more!

  34. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Commented on this photo:

    Clearly a diet of tiger blood and cocaine still requires one to brush the teeth they wish to keep.

  35. anonym

    i’m tired of seeing this douche already.

    the novelty has worn off.

    we don’t need to see him say on stage the same crazy shit he’s already said on video.

    so many fucking dumbasses paying their hard earned money to see this dickhead.

  36. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Ram Punchington
    Commented on this photo:

    “Two and a Half Men” is what I call my junk.

    Punchington Out

  37. Charlie Sheen Missing Teeth
    Double D
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    Two-and-a-half-Men has been on for a little over 8 years. Dude needs to learn what “decade” means. As long as he has the dictionary open, he should also look up “entertainment.”

  38. Burt

    Yup, proving one bad joke at a time to most sane person in his audience that getting their tickets was the worst impulse buy of their lives.

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