Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in Trashed Hotel Room

October 26th, 2010 // 62 Comments

That’s more like it.

Reports were coming in yesterday that Charlie Sheen accompanied Denise Richards to New York City to spend some time with their daughters. It was a surprisingly cordial scene and these photos are actually from Sunday when everyone went to American Dolls for a happy little day. Cut to last night where police found a drunk, naked Charlie Sheen trashing his hotel room because he thought a hooker stole his wallet. You can’t even make this stuff up. The New York Post reports:

Tables and chairs had been thrown around the room and a chandelier was also damaged, sources said.
“The Two and a Half Men” star was accompanied to New York Hospital by his ex-wife Denise Richards, who was staying in a separate room.
Sheen, 45, told police he had been “out partying,” sources said.
After he returned to his room with an unidentified woman, he noticed his wallet was missing, causing him to fly into a rage, sources said.

Life & Style is also reporting the woman hid in the closet when Charlie lost it:

The police found a half-naked Charlie passed out on the bed and a woman, who was identified as an escort, screaming from inside the closet. “She was fearing for her life and was naked,” a source tells Life & Style. “Charlie was incoherent but started screaming slurs at the cops. They recognized him immediately and gave him two options: they could take him to the hospital or take him down to the station. Charlie chose the hospital.”
…. His two daughters were sleeping in the next room,” says the source. “Denise had to go with the cops and leave the girls with a nanny. She looked distraught.”

So remember when Charlie Sheen threatened to kill his wife not even a year ago? He thought this hooker stole his wallet and let her live. See? Rehab really does work. Or significantly impacts your aim. Either way.

Photos: Splash News


  1. ZigZagZoey

    Trip to American Dolls……………………………………………………………………..$700.
    Facial for American Dolls…………………………………………………………………..$25.
    Dad getting arrested the next morning with a crying hooker in the closet

  2. Ash Bones

    He was just filming his show.

  3. bitingontinfoil

    Um….Denise was in the NEXT ROOM WITH THEIR KIDS when all this shit went down?? WOW!

  4. stevebeagle

    enough of this tool bag .

  5. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Commented on this photo:

    No talent hack.

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s only a matter of time before he kills himself and/or someone else.
    Well at least he hasn’t started crying in front of cameras about how he’s embraced Christ in his life.

    Keep the children away from Charlie.
    “Escorts”; be very, very careful when during business with this guy. Have pepper spray at the ready.

    • FattyFatty2X4

      Aren’t you a ray of sunshine today.

      • Cock Dr

        I feel sorry for the escort. And the kids of course. Daddy Sheen is an angry nut. He needs a medication review ASAP.

    • You feel sorry for the escort? WTF? Do you feel sorry for every urinal and toilet he uses too?

      • Crabby Old Guy

        McFeely, once again you have cracked me up. Thank you!

      • Cock Dr

        Yes of course I feel sorry for the escort. You don’t consider sex workers to be human & to be worthy of some protection from predators & nuts?
        Perhaps one day someone you care about will be forced by economic pressures to whore themselves out. Would you want them to have Charlie as a customer?

      • No, I don’t consider sex workers to be human. It’s not like they have souls, or people who care about them, or credit cards. They’re a public resource like mass transit, or porta-potties at music festivals…there to be used for public good.

        Nobody is “forced by economic pressures to whore themselves out”. Some people are too stupid, lazy, or drug addicted to do anything else…don’t blame that on the rest of us. That’s their own life decisions.

      • Amen McFeely. No one FORCES people to become prostitutes. Well, a caveat on that. Many women from overseas are lied to and threatened so in their case I feel bad, but a girl named Sally from San Biscabo turning tricks because she ran away from home at 16 ’cause her mother wouldn’t let her go out past midnite doesn’t get my sympathy. Many, MANY more women end up in prostitution because of choices THEY have made in their lives. They are victims of their own decisions and addictions.

        As for Charlie Sheen, as I posted on the other thread, how is anyone surprised by his behavior exactly? Oh, and how dumb were Denise Richards and his latest baby mamma for falling for this guy? He’s been buying hookers and doing drugs since his early teens for crying out loud.

      • Cock Dr

        I wish you 2 could be forced to intern at an inner city clinic for a few months. You might be enlightened.

    • I felt sorry for the escort too. To the others on this thread: I can only fathom what your lives must be like for you to compare a human being to a toilet.

      • Actually Dr of Penises I volunteer at a Food Bank/Soup Kitchen twice a week and see all sorts of people who are down on their luck walk in. My enlightenment has been further enhanced by my experience there. I empathize with many of the people who come there, but I do NOT sympathize with them.

        We all had choices to make in our lives. Some of us who are successful and who made something of themselves went through rough childhoods as well but turned out to not deal drugs, use drugs, or become prostitutes. No one should be threatened or abused, but when you turn tricks for a living (whether you do so from the street or through an agency) you ought to expect that SOME of your clients won’t be gentlemen. Some may even be unstable. Comes with the territory.

  7. James

    Real class charlie.

  8. Deacon Jones

    Someone’s gotta get him on Celebrity Rehab.

    It. would. be. great.

  9. Charlie’s pulling in millions per episode right now. The only way he’s going to slow down is if/when he runs out of money. Personally I’d like to party with him and the ShamWow guy – that would be an interesting night.

    Stay classy Charlie, you crazy drunk bastard.

  10. Nero

    The guy sure knows who to call for a free taser session.

  11. …you mean he actually had clothes on THIS time around??

  12. fester

    Sam Cooke got shot for doing exactly the same thing and Charlie Sheen walks. Fuck! Where’s a gun-slinging motel manager when you need one?

  13. dude

    anyone else think he’s channeling DeNiro in the main pic?

  14. Don

    Whats new? in Two and a half Men hes allways like that

  15. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow, Denise is looking great these days. Love the darker hair and her body is smoking

  16. G

    Forget Charlie, Denise is looking hot these days. I love the dark hair on her and she’s lost quite a lot of weight

  17. RoboZombie

    Those poor kids…Dueling douchebags as parents.

  18. ad nasuem

    I wonder if he made the hooker say “Daddy” loud enough so his kids could hear it in the next room.

  19. Charlie Sheen is an american treasure…

  20. J-Sin

    Mark my words, Charlie Sheen WILL kill a hooker one day.

    • Doucher

      You think he already hasn’t? I think that is what a production assitant does, bury dead hookers for the star.

  21. RoboZombie

    I think we need a new reality show starring Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson. How awesome would THAT be?
    They might even wind up killing each other, so, you know, win-win.

    • Cock Dr

      Every week Mel would try to get Charlie into church.
      Every week Charlie would resist.
      And then they would either fight each other, or go to a bar or strip club and fight with strangers. Each episode ends with them in jail or hospitalized.
      I like it.

  22. fester

    Poor Charlie, it’s a pretty sad commentary when you can’t trust a hooker with your wallet…

  23. Rough skills & power tools

    No one understand what it feels like to lose something. You ever lose one sock, and can’t find it. You go Charlie, I got you man…

  24. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Commented on this photo:

    He looks older than m 60 year old sugardaddy!

  25. This story fucking sucks. Did they find the wallet or not?

  26. So did Denise escort him to the hospital before or after she was on Howard Stern this morning? This family is sick all around…

  27. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Commented on this photo:

    Are these two back together?

  28. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Commented on this photo:

    UGH feel free to get fucked up on your own time charlie, i support partying or else youll lose it, anyone would, but you cant let your kids see that shit you ass! why am i typing this like he can hear me? i have only a forth of an inch of respect now for denise richards

  29. Greg H.

    Charlie is a serial killer just waiting to unleash his wrath on street walkers. Mark my words, mark my words.

  30. oooaaahhh

    She was on Stern this morning. Why didn’t this come up?

    • it came up during Robin’s news when word finally got out. Howard said she told him after her interview that something with Sheen had gone down the night before and that he’d be reading about it soon.

  31. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Commented on this photo:

    I highly doubt they are back together. Nobody could be stupid enough to go BACK to someone like him.

    On a side note, the older girl looks VERY unhappy.

  32. Emelio Estevez

    Someone seriously needs to pop a cap his his worthless ass and end his miserable life (and show)

    And in related news, Denise needs an all-night schlonging

  33. sal

    he’s a total psychopath, but how’s that news

  34. cc

    Well his diet seems to be working…looks like he’s down below 100 now.

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. Not a good look for him.

      Unrelated: I want to clock Denise Richards every time I see her mugging it up for the camera’s (she calls the papz herself) while her kids look traumatized.

  35. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Bow Down Assholes
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    Hookers and blow. What’s next for this guy, dropping some acid and blowing up a building? I love this guy!

  36. noodles

    This guy is an American treasure – I’m almost tempted to start watching his stupid show.

  37. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
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    those kids are always so miserable looking. denise richards must be a great mom!

  38. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Commented on this photo:

    hookers and blow in the hotel room right next too his kids. Wow, he’s really loosing it. And denise, she acts so innocent, but she was married to the guy, she had to have had some part in the drugs/insanity at some point in their marriage.

  39. Jen

    he’s a funny fucker but i feel bad for his kids.

  40. Charlie Sheen Found Drunk, Naked in New York
    Your Mom
    Commented on this photo:

    Those poor girls DO look so sad. : ( All the money in world can’t buy them away from the effed up parents they have : ( Denise Richards is a fame-whore. On Joy Behar last night airing their dirty laundry. Dirtbag!

  41. Mortimer Snerd

    Once an idiot, always an idiot !!

  42. lydia edwards

    everyday on ” 2 and a half men ” charlie always looks hungover.

  43. He looks like he just farted and has a smarmy look on his face, but everyone behind him just got belted in the nose from his cocaine poots.

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