Charlie Sheen is Going to Be on ‘Entourage.’ Of Course.

May 10th, 2011 // 41 Comments

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Is Entourage really the massive abortion of shit I think it is?” the answer is yes. Yes, it is. And here’s all the evidence you’ll ever need to support that argument. Via The Huffington Post:

Speaking to TV Guide, Ellin revealed that he’s been burning the phone lines, trying to line up the former “Two and a Half Men” star.
“I called his manager and was told maybe I’d get him,” Ellin told TV Guide in their exclusive look at the upcoming season. “But I’m still waiting for Charlie to call me back. I’d come up with something good.”
Whether it’d be a guest spot or a long arc remains to be seen, but it could be a great combination.

Two years ago, Seth Rogen gave an interview where he shit all over Entourage and made it a point to call creator Doug Ellin a “moron.” I’m not saying Seth’s sitting around holding his neckbeard high this morning, but I’m pretty sure he put his bong down and chuckled before writing a three-hour comedy with absolutely zero intentions of editing it down.

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  1. Where there are pornstars, he shall come.

  2. DKNY

    I’m honestly surprised that he’s still alive. I was sure he’d have overdosed by now.

  3. I’ve never watched Entourage…and this makes that decision seem wise beyond all reason.

  4. mimi

    eeewwww…. because HE is ugly.

  5. Crabby Old Guy

    Grandpa! You’re ALIVE???? But, we buried you in 1972!

  6. Colin

    He looks more and more like Joe Pesci every day.

  7. ew

    GROSS. he looks so old and used up. WTF?

  8. Gold teeth.. really? That’s some transformation, from toothless white trash grin to total white trash grill. Keep on keepin on

  9. Charlie Sheen
    Commented on this photo:

    Who melted his left ear?

  10. Entourage is hurting for a character named Cletus?

  11. Aja

    His skin looks kinda yellow.

    • He bangs porn stars and hookers while consuming mass quantities of drugs and alcohol. One or the other is gonna take his liver which is why I put “hepatitis and substance abuse” in a quinella box.

  12. The Pope of Cleveland

    I preferred it when he had his own tv show, yet I never actually saw or heard anything about him.

  13. That gold tooth really gives him an air of respectability. Like Flava Flav. Or Phil Spector.

    • kindasketchy

      I don’t think that’s a gold cap, it looks like severe tooth decay. As stated above, it’s par for the course for drug addicts.

  14. the captain

    (iron mike tyson is back in the ring?)

    ……………LET’S HOPE SO.

  15. Fred

    Gargamel? Is that you?

  16. yuck

    Typical white trash

  17. Greasy Anus

    His ears and nostrils are fucked up.

  18. Trillian

    Lock up your orphans, Fagin is on the lookout for a new band of theives to get his meth money.

  19. Roxy

    How can any girl let that face get near their vag?

  20. chupacabra

    cocaine’s a helluva drug.

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