Charlie Sheen Went Off His HIV Meds For A Month, It Didn’t Go Well

“Ha! Bitter beer face. I remember those commercials.”

Charlie Sheen is a fucking idiot who thinks he’s a genius because he’s done a bunch of reckless stupid shit that by all rights should’ve killed him ten times over, yet somehow he’s still alive because the Grim Reaper loves coke. (It’s a theory.) And to add to that list, here he is on Dr. Oz creating a perfect storm of medical quackery by talking about the entire month he spent not taking his HIV medication thanks to the advice of an unlicensed Mexican “doctor” who managed to make even Charlie Sheen go, “I’ve made a huge mistake.” Which is actually impressive. That takes skill, but mostly a spectacular death wish. Via Gawker:

Sheen said that [Dr. Samir] Chachoua’s “series of injections and blood work” initially produced “incredible results early on”—the HIV in his blood, he claimed, was undetectable without antiretroviral therapy. He says he added his blood to samples of blood taken from two of his friends and after a four-day incubation period “all three were undetectable.”

Let’s pause for a second because I love how the response to Charlie Sheen’s friends finding out they have the same exact blood as him wasn’t, “Holy fuck dammit, we’re dead,” but instead, “Huh. Guess that AIDS went away.” Clearly, we’re dealing the top minds of our generation. Top. Minds.

The story went fully bonkers when Dr. Oz played the clip of Chachoua revealing that he had injected himself with Sheen’s blood. Dr. Oz described this as “something I never thought I’d hear out of the mouth of a doctor.” Sheen confirmed that he watched Chachoua do this. Sheen called it “inappropriate and completely mind-blowing.” He also said it was “radically bizarre,” but in the context of his life, “just another Wednesday.”

Surprisingly, all of this ended with the HIV levels in Charlie Sheen’s blood going up and him promising Dr. Oz that he’d start taking his pills as soon as he got on the plane. Even more surprising, Dr. Oz actually agreed with medical science instead of suggesting Charlie Sheen communicate with the dead while shoving Acai berries up his ass. Big Pharma got to you, man.

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Photo: FameFlynet