Charlie Sheen Car Theft ‘Suspicious’

For the second time in four months, Charlie Sheen’s car was reportedly stolen and found at the bottom of a cliff after the actor left his keys in the ignition again. TMZ reports:

Cops have already been to Sheen’s home today. Charlie told them the last time he noticed his vehicle sitting in the driveway was at around 4 PM. He said he had no idea the car was stolen until cops showed up.
Law enforcement sources say cops actually joked when they got the call early this morning that it was Charlie’s car, never really believing lightning would strike twice. One law enforcement source calls the most recent incident “suspicious.”

“Suspicious,” huh? I didn’t know Sherlock Holmes was on the LAPD…

But, seriously, you’ve really got to love these cops assigned to celebrity cases. They’re like the Fourth and Fifth Chance Fairies with buckets of lye and shower curtains in the trunk of their patrol car. I’m sure by the sixth Beamer Charlie drives over a cliff because street drugs aren’t cutting it anymore, they’ll be filling out his insurance claims just to keep everyone’s story straight. “Hey, uh, Mr. Sheen, how many R’s are in ‘I’m on TV, so it must’ve been the Mexicans?'”

Photos: Splash News