Fox News: Charleston Shooting Isn’t Racism, It’s A War On Christians

Before we begin, for once I’m not going to rant about guns even though there are some serious questions to be asked about a 21-year-old with drug and trespassing charges receiving the firearm he used to shoot up a church for his birthday, and the local paper advertising a gun sale on top of the front page story of said shooting. I fully believe this kid would’ve been motivated enough to find some other weapon, and quite frankly, I’m not in the mood to even deal with a debate on America’s obvious gun problem. You either get it or your don’t, and some asshole on a celebrity boob blog isn’t going to convince you otherwise. (But will probably still try later because he hates himself.) Instead, I’m going to focus on the absolute bullshit Fox News spewed this morning to a massive audience who gobbled it whole, so let’s lay some groundwork.

Yesterday, Dylann Roof entered Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. on the 193rd anniversary of the historic black church’s thwarted slave revolt. He sat in the pew for an hour before opening fire and telling one of the survivors:

“I have to do it. … You rape our women and you’re taking over the country. You have to go.”

As Dylann’s identity was slowly uncovered, photos of him wearing white supremacist patches from South Africa apartheid were found and his classmates remember him for telling lots of racist jokes. Not to mention all of this occurred in the goddamn south in a state where the Confederate flag was still hung at full mast today – The state and U.S. flags were at half. – because we currently live in a country where people will tell you with a straight face that the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery. And we also have a major mainstream news channel that after an embarrassment of evidence – including the fucking Charleston Police labeling it a hate crime – will still tell you that the shooting has nothing to do with racism and is really about the war on Christians. Take it away, Steve Doocy:

“Extraordinarily, they called it a ‘hate crime,’ and some look at it as, ‘Well, because it was a white guy and a black church,’ but you made a great point earlier about the hostility towards Christians. And it was a church. So maybe that’s what they were talking about. They haven’t explained it to us.”

It gets better. Not only did Fox News stake out the position that this wasn’t a hate crime, but instead about Christian persecution, they managed to find (read: pay) a black preacher to agree with them AND encourage every pastor in America to buy a firearm which just made the entire board of the NRA ejaculate crucifixes into the front of their pants. Via Raw Story:

“But I’m deeply concerned that this gunman chose to go into a church because there does seem to be a rising hostility against Christians across this country because of our biblical views,” E.W. Jackson opined. “And I just think that it’s something that we have to be aware of and not create an atmosphere in which people take out their violent intentions against Christians.”
He “urged pastors and men in these churches to prepare to defend themselves” by carrying firearms.
“It’s sad but I think we’ve got to arm ourselves,” Jackson insisted. “Look, I’m a pastor. If someone comes in to hurt my church members, I have an absolute obligation to defend them, to protect them.”

Congratulations, Fox News, you managed to find the one black guy in America who makes Rachel Dolezal look like Harriet Tubman. Well done.

Photo: Fox News