The Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down Buttons Are Back And Other Technical Shit

May 7th, 2013 // 17 Comments
Sho Nuff Charles Ramsey
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Charles Ramsey
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What do you mean this isn’t Charles Ramsey? His hands glow with power.

Quick background: Sometime late afternoon Friday an update was pushed through on our back end- wait, that’s a description of the Teen Mom Farrah porno. Let me start over.

Some shit broke. Namely the thumbs up/thumbs down feature in the comments along with a jquery error message popping up depending on your browser, the time and let’s just say solar flares. As of this post, the thumbs are back and I think – don’t quote me on that – the jquery issue is resolved. (Update: Or not.) So apologies for that and any other issues that are going on. Our tech team does a great job getting to things as quickly as they can even while being stretched thin right now across the 800 sites BuzzMedia SpinMedia owns. So for better or for worse, The Superficial is on an island as it mostly has been which is great because I can say whatever the hell I want next to celebrity side-yam, but we’re a little bit lower on the priority list because it’s harder to sell tampon ads on swamp creatures in bikinis. (Also, hard to sell tampons on? Posts describing women as swamp creatures in bikinis.) Anyway, that’s me thinking I’m open and cool like Nick Denton.

On a side note, a number of you freaked over the generic photo description in yesterday’s The Crap We Missed which was surprising to us because we just assumed no one could even see the captions/descriptions to begin with thanks to a refresh error and just figured we were wasting our time even bothering to put them in there. Those will be back today for you to bitch about them not refreshing.

We now return to 80 million pics of rich people at the MET Gala, but in the meantime, feel free to let us know about anything else not working in the comments below or by email, Facebook or Twitter. Although, for the record, I can’t make the posts less full of sexual intrigue and wonder. Science has only come so far.


  1. Alex

    Direct your feetsa to Daddy Green’s Pizza

  2. fashionassta

    Sho’nuff the shogun of harlem

  3. I liked the generic description. It answered all questions i could possibly have about the pics and then some. I almost felt infoverwhelmed.

  4. Fuck Kate Upton. I want Paulina Gretsky!!!

  5. tlmck

    Everything seems back to normal. Still have to manually refresh every page either in Firefox or Chromium(I use Linux so they are the only 2 real options).

  6. Sho'Nuff

    Kiss my converse!

  7. Cock Dr

    And yet jquery is STILL not a function.
    Shit still broke.
    On the positive side of things there hasn’t been a Kardashian post today….keep up your great and important internet work!

  8. You guys do a great job, this is one of my favourite sites.

  9. N8V

    I realized that without you telling me who the people are in the description, I have no idea who 75% of those people are.

  10. I’m still getting that “0″ thing when I move through the picture gallery and have to refresh to see the comments under each photo.

  11. Randy Watson

    I actually thought this is the reverend from Coming to America. My bad.

  12. Sorry, dude, but the SpinMedia tech team SUCKS. This site hasn’t worked properly in months.

  13. Jenn

    He was So’Nuff awesome in The Last Dragon. The 80′s had some shitastically great movies.

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