Charlie Sheen’s Porn Star Fiancee Won’t Let Him Pay Denise Richards Child Support

A few weeks back I posted about Charlie Sheen being two months behind on Denise Richard’s child support because he just decided to stop paying it. Well, now he’s three months behind, and it turns out the reason why is because his porn star fiancee Brett Rossi is in charge of his finances now because it’s always a good idea to let someone who thinks directly disobeying ignoring a court order is smart money-management. I bet she uses Quicken. Radar reports:

As Radar has revealed, the driving force behind Sheen’s decision to withhold child support is because his porn star fiancée laid down the gauntlet and ordered him to cut his expenses.
A source said: “Brett has taken control of Charlie’s finances and she thinks he wastes huge amounts of money. She successfully persuaded Charlie to withhold Denise’s child support… Charlie felt he was justified because Denise hasn’t allowed him to see their daughters, Sam and Lola.”

As for how something like this could happen, she blows him. Brett Rossi blows him. Right in the dick. Charlie Sheen’s penis goes into her mouth, she says a bunch of crazy words like, “Truth bomb my uvula with your warlock cum, Shaman Man!” and then both of them agree they’d have a lot more money if it weren’t for those Denise Richard’s kids and their mangy mutt. COKEY COKEY DOOOOOO!

Photos: Twitter