Chantel Jeffries Is Already Selling Out Justin Bieber #cream #getdamoney

While the inflappable, unscrutilizable Wild Kid Shot Calla Justin B-Bare might be walkin’ ‘tween raindrops when it comes to the Five-O, there ain’t never been a time in a gangsta’s life when some ho don’t get her eyes on a jigga’s paper. To use an old quiche-ay, mo’ money, mo’ problems. Break it off, Six Page:

Multiple sources tell Page Six that a rep for Bieber’s drag-racing babe had reached out to the weekly magazines and to producers of shows including “GMA,” “Today” and “Inside Edition” to talk about her night with the teen star, which ended in his DUI arrest and infamous glassy-eyed mug shot.
One source said, “She hired an attorney and was negotiating a deal with the weekly magazines and the big TV shows. She wanted $20,000 plus a guaranteed mention of her modeling career.”
Another insider tells us, “Chantel was talking to all the networks, but they refused to pay her. Yesterday [Monday] she abruptly pulled out of all the discussions.” The reason: a romantic weekend with Bieber in Panama.

Oh, snap, Chantel Jeffries workin’ a love game now. She just looked into them soft, puppy dog eyes, and wants a playa to wife that shit. Well, bitch, you barkin’ up the wrong tree, this here’s Justin B-Bare. Da hardest, darkest mothafucka to ever come outta Canada, yo. Ya think some fee-male’s gonna tame that? My boy’s so hard he snitched out his own mama. Not to mention he’s the straight up Fidel Castro of Pussytown. Selena Gomez, Tati Neves, Miranda Kerr. All a dem got syrup on dem pancakes. And don’t be thinkin’ bout gettin’ no pregnant ’cause them mothafuckas ain’t even found Mariah Yeater yet. #MURDA

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