Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan at the beach (Note: Post contains 100% RDA of bikini)

September 10th, 2008 // 85 Comments

These are shots of recently engaged couple Channing Tatum and his Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan in Hawaii. I’d like to apologize in advance that most of these shots of Jenna don’t show her face and all you see is her bikini clad butt. Not exactly classy, I know. So if it makes you feel better, I edited these photos while smoking a pipe in my study and wearing a monogrammed robe. And by monogrammed I mean Wile E. Coyote chasing the Roadrunner. Ha ha! His skates have rockets.

EDIT: Found some of Jenna from the front. Umm, yay?


  1. mimi


  2. mimi

    And ALL Britney haters are A-HOLES… especially FISH-HEAD!

  3. ballsac

    girl’s not that hot..

  4. Candice

    Who the fuck is that man?
    Cause that’s not Channing Tatum.
    Maybe him in forty some-odd years.
    He looks disgusting.

  5. mim

    Wait…Is that really Channing in those pics cause his body looks…not that great…didnt he used to have like an amazing 8-12 pack or something? I just cant comprehend that that is him…maybe he is gaining weight for a role? ( crossing fingers)

  6. Diana

    Do you know, she looks like a guy in a bikini. Her face looks funny. The sunglasses maybe???

  7. Vote for me. I’m a radical Marxist.

  8. jim

    No boobs, and fat at the same time.

    Big miss.

  9. Who the Hell are these idiots?

  10. penny4urthoughtsssss

    she has NO hips whatsoever….no ass, no curves, NOTHING…like a boy in a bikini..NOT attractive or sexy..NEXTTTTTT

  11. i thought this was a celebrity gossip blog? i know the name jenna dewan, but she’s a marginal celeb.. and havent a clue who the bored dude is.

  12. flyingskeleton

    Hey, Michael Jackson wants his face back.

  13. BlackBanana

    Yeah, I was fine with not having to see the face.

  14. m.munroe

    he got fat.

  15. sla

    Why don’t women cut the damn tags out of their bikinis?

  16. alisa

    wow…………………………… at least she has a cute ass………………… but damn he stopped working out completely

  17. English Bob

    Who is this big fat rednecked, man boobed piece of trash. Ah, i shouldn’t say that as he could be a real sound head (loads of charity work, gave all his money away to kids in Africa, donated his limbs to a leper etc etc) correct me if i’m wrong America, as you all obviously know who he is…???
    The chicks pretty hot, No.12 is right though..!

  18. havoc

    How incredibly ordinary…..


  19. Stiles

    Who’s the dude w/ the date-rape face?

  20. Eric

    Not yay.

  21. Tara

    WTF? Great…thanks for officially ending my attraction to Channing Tatum.

  22. The Office Whore

    Seriously. Tell me that isn’t him. Just say it isn’t. I don’t care if it’s a lie..

  23. Johnny Boy

    Only a prancing faerie wouldn’t hit that

  24. Gene

    I see a big dude and a little dude. Where’s the hot chick?





  26. news reader

    Funniest thing I’ve read so far today: a first-hand report from one of the recent McCain/Palin campaign appearances, which are now generating huge crowds. The funny thing? A large portion of the crowd filtered out after Palin spoke (mostly the older women who are turning out in large numbers now to see Palin in person), leaving McCain with a noticeably smaller crowd for his speech. That’s what used to happen when Bill Clinton introduced Hillary at campaigns stops, until they realized they had to split them up for that very reason. I wonder if they’ll split up McCain and Palin eventually, like every other campaign, or decide to keep McCain in the bitch seat for the rest of the campaign. I know he’s enjoying the sudden boost in popularity, but he’s got to get his balls back – right now he’s Palin’s very own Cindy McCain. He even stands behind her at pictures (and, unless he’s on Viagra, there’s no good reason for him to stay there).

    Oh, yeah, this chick – nice diaper bottom and mosquito bites top. Hot.

  27. English Bob

    What have McCain and Palin and Obama got to do with ANY of these posts by the Fish…? Unless they’re on a beach in a bikini, banging a hot chick/dude or snorting coke of a crack whores butt crack we don’t want to know. There must be some kind of political website/forum for this shit ?!

  28. Eric

    Hey – did anybody realize today is 9/11!!!!

    Haha, just kidding. Like most other people I’m quite aware of all the melodramatic memorial stuff and like most other people I look away from most of it. Yeah, I know, Al-Qaeda’s bad. Seems like we have thousands of dead or limbless soldiers now to prove that. Nice job. But anyway, I did catch a glimpse of all the white-ash faced people running in mortal fear from the collapsing towers. Still the funniest thing I’ve ever seen – except for a clip of it set to “Yakety Yak”. I saw that years ago and knew we’d be fine.

  29. @26

    funnier thing? the fact that idiots like you come from ( to a hollywood gossip site and spam with political shit.

    even funnier thing? that somehow, you think that “now generating huge crowds” isnt anything but positive for the GOP.

    Thanks for enlightening us with your stupidity. It gives us a good laugh, as they have been lacking here lately.

    I guess we’ll see you protesting something or another after the GOP wins the election…AGAIN!


  30. First Time

    Hey, that’s Michael Jackson.

  31. ugh

    I went to High School with Jenna Dewan. Trust me, she’s hot.

  32. Fred

    #29 – Palin’s a gimmick. We’ll see if she has any staying power when she finally realizes that she lives in a democracy and has to ANSWER A FUCKING QUESTION OR TWO from the voters. Her “star power” has to continue all the way to the election, AND rub off on McCain enough to allow HIM to win the election. That’s a lot to ask, especially since it’s never happened before (bottom of the ticket winning it for the top). Obama’s a gimmick too, but you can vote directly for his gimmick if you like it, and it’s clearly got some staying power. McCain looks like he decided he couldn’t win the election on his own merits and threw a Hail Mary pass that connected just short of goal line. But he has to get in on his own, and Palin is making him look old and weak right now – those ardent “base” supporters clearly don’t care to hear what he has to say.

  33. my own 2 eyes

    #31 – will all due respect, I’m looking at a picture of her in a bikini right now, and she’s not.

  34. who the hell are these fugly peeps, is that the reason superfish is apoligizing in advance?

  35. headshot

    I went to high school with Tatum, and trust me, he’s gay
    TCLTC and CTLTC!

  36. M

    Channing looks HORRIBLE! The pics in the black bathing suit = disgusting–I’m surprised about Jenna, she is pretty but looks bad in these pictures.

  37. First of all, I have no idea who either of these are.


  38. Joe

    Wow, she’s all over him. She must smell money.

  39. Jezebel

    According to IMDB, Channing’s big break was “being cast in Ricky Martin’s video for “She Bangs,” where he was paid $400 for a 7-day shoot.”


  40. Enzo

    She looks like Micheal Jackson

  41. Enzo

    She looks like Micheal Jackson

  42. FRIST and rough daddy, sittin' in a tree...

    I love these opposites-attract, love-hate romances! And just like in the movies, they think so much alike but they’re scared to admit it.

  43. Tim

    He’s saying “Boy-girl! Yes, you! The one with the skeeter bites! Git in mah bellay!”

  44. obama sucks

    I love how these ignorant libtards are so scared and angry that they have to use curse words to and internet lies to smear a person

  45. Tricky frisk? what moronic comment? theyre fuggly like you and i dont know who they are…

  46. here's a smear...a pap smear

    Smears like, Palin supported Ted Stevens’ “Bridge to Nowhere” until it caught reformers’ attention and got canceled, and then kept the earmarked funds received to that date and redirected them to other projects, and had served as a director of Ted Stevens’ 527 group, and had hired a lobbyist to get the most earmarked funds she could when she was mayor (and succeeded), and now…is suddenly a reformer herself who “took on Ted Stevens” and wants to ban all earmarked funds? Tell me, exactly what’s a lie about any of that?

  47. #45, thank you for proving my point

  48. meiosis

    OMG he’s let himself go :(

  49. puh lease! what point, give it rest! loudmouth!

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