Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Movie Has A Release Date

Posted by Photo Boy

In 639 days, we’ll get to see Channing Tatum annihilate a regional dialect, but also maybe take his shirt off for a second. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT!!

I think you just say the month, day, and year, but sound as shit-faced and French as possible? I don’t know, I’m not a linguist, but I know getting excited about a movie that’s two years away is dumb. Amirite, Jonah Hill? Wait, is that a knife? OHMYGOD HE’S COMING THIS WAY!! HE’S SO FAST…HOW IS HE SO FAS– And he’s down. What the hell? He’s on the floor spooning something an cooing…oh Jesus, right, the candy sprinkler deployed. *into megaphone* Alright everyone, we’ve drilled for this, just remain calm and make your way to the exits. We meet at the flagpole, people, and I better not catch anyone sneaking to the bathroom to smoke!

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