Channing Tatum’s Probably Bailing On ‘Gambit’

Later that night, Jonah Hill was found dead on Joe Manganiello’s lawn due to his terrible miscalculation of the distance from which guard dogs can smell lunchmeat.

Cajun accent experts everywhere are furiously rewriting their manifestos today with the bombshell news that Channing Tatum might not star in Gambit, but still might produce it, or actually still might star in it, because there’s really no actual news on this yet. Via The Wrap:

The studio had been in the process of testing young actresses to star alongside Tatum, including Lea Seydoux, but insiders suggest that director Rupert Wyatt will soon have to find a new leading man. It is unclear whether Tatum and his producing partner Reid Carolin plan to remain involved in a producing capacity, or whether Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner will move forward on their own. Representatives for 20th Century Fox and Tatum could not immediately be reached for comment.

It would be strange if Channing Tatum backs out since he campaigned so hard for the role and just showed up to Comic-Con for it except it’s even more strange that there’s a good chance people will die watching it in a movie theater in Oregon when a giant earthquake destroys the whole fucking state. That’s not even a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when,” but by all means, let’s shit ourselves over which wisecracking set of abs will vaguely sound like they went to Mardi Gras once.

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