Chad Michael Murray is engaged

April 4th, 2006 // 52 Comments

chad-michael-engaged.jpgPeople Magazine is reporting that 24-year-old Chad Michael Murray is engaged to 18-year-old Kenzie Dalton, a crew member on his show One Tree Hill. He was previously married to Sophia Bush who was a co-star on One Tree Hill, and the two divorced last September after five months of marriage.

There aren’t any other details, but I can only imagine what it’s like to work with your fiance and ex-wife. I’d compare it to an awkward threesome, but the Brazillian supermodels I sleep with are a little more open minded than us silly Americans.



  1. CheekyChops

    Who gives a shit? Who is this guy?

  2. Second first. Threesome… Lima….

  3. CheekyChops

    I want to see more scary ass pictures and funny comments about Kristen.

  4. hendero

    first! Does this guy know it’s ok to like, ask a chick out on a date without marrying them

  5. Philip Ramirez

    ^ We weren’t first =/

    Kristen who?

  6. CheekyChops

    Dunst. It was the heartbeat of this site for so long. Kirsten hating.

  7. SuperSpence

    The Crap Sensor on my TV filters out the WB. Who are these people and would anyone care if I butchered them all like hogs and drank the warm blood from their veins?

  8. I’d like to impose a rule on this toad. Until you can grow proper facial hair, you can’t get married.

  9. Glossed Over

    Either he’s an utter moron, or he’s getting one hell of a discount on engagement rings.

    Or both.

  10. Maeve97

    This guy is going to be the “guy who gets married all the time” like Ross on Friends.

  11. Conductor71

    This guy is a lying, cheating crook. The way he treats people is absolutely disgusting – he cares about no-one but himself. He murdered his girlfriend and he deserves to be jailed for life.
    Naturally, I am referring to the villain Bill Sykes in “Oliver Twist” which I am currently reading.

  12. LRonHubbaHubba

    This story is a big ole cup of sleepy time tea.

  13. OhHowCynical

    This kid doesn’t learn…

  14. Is this The Superficial or Teen People magazine?

  15. Italian Stallion

    Someone let him know that other women are out there!!!
    We should cut that stupid fucking tree down so they cancel the show, shit they should just cancel it regardless, nobody watch’s that shit anyway.
    Do they?

  16. badattitood

    Another site is “reporting” that there is a possibility the new girl is pregnant, which (sort of) explains the quick engagement. Sounds like a pretty crappy working environment over at the One Tree Hill set. Since I’ve never seen a single minute of a single episode and it sounds like a really lame show, I hope One Tree Hill gets cancelled and this guy can’t find more work b/c of all the drama he causes.

  17. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Hey, you guys remember that cartoon “Rude Dawg”? I used to have the T-shirt.

  18. PapaHotNuts

    Check out his crustache. All white-trash like- Joe Dirt would be proud.

  19. boogaloo

    hey oshkosh – this is as good a time as any to ask i guess – are you FROM oshkosh? grew up there..

  20. maryaries

    This sounds like the a “sure I’ll marry you, now let’s have sex” line. Way to go Chad! (loser)
    Pregnancy would be sweet karma (let it be true!) and Sophia is probably laughing her ass off thanking her lucky stars she got the marriage annulled.
    I can’t believe I know who these people are.

  21. txb

    *yawns* is this guy famous? ditto on what #14 said. up the bar superficial and lets keep it there.

  22. Jayne

    I don’t who this is but he’s ugly

  23. BobMarleysDead

    He is becoming less attractive by the minute. Doesn’t he go out? Why can he meet anyone who doesn’t work on the set? Poor Sophia Bush :-(

  24. bjpack

    How about those Mets yesterday!! We’re going all the way!!!!

  25. suzy

    i agree with #10

    why an 18 year old?? so young…

    he needs to stay outside the show too… he’s gonna get another divorce soon lol

    i wonder how sophia feels

  26. Apes

    I went to Highschool with this girl, she is 2 years younger than me. First off, I just cant believe all this shit and second people back home that still go to school with her are saying she is wearing a big ring but no for sures yet! Just thought I would pass it on.

  27. Sophia is probably thanking her lucky stars she got out of this shit before the show got cancelled. Now at least she can still use the “I’m on a TV show” angle to pick up guys.

    What a moron!

  28. Just like his last wife, He will probably stray on her. I wonder how long this one will last though. We should make a pool! I give it 3 months.

  29. i swear…people in hollywood have the fastest turn-over rates when it comes to dating and marrying after you were just divorced. This guy is 24 and probably had girls throwing them at him. If this 18 year old thinks he isnt going to cheat then she’s an idiot.

  30. Ms Crackalackin

    IDIOT! And he’s fugly. He didn’t deserve a mention here on the SF. Nothing more than another trailer trash overpaid actor trading in his wives for younger ones that can’t even drink alcohol. Why did Sophia ever want to marry this cretin?

  31. Proteon

    OMG snore

  32. Haley

    If anyone is interested, I found a pic of Kenzie. Apparently she was a runner up in miss teen usa. Apparently she’s also BARELY LEGAL, so whether chad found her on the set, or on the videos for $19.99, I guess they were destined to meet. Enjoy:

  33. FernLaplante

    Conductor71 gets props for the best post thus far.

    CMM’s ex filed for divorce citing “fraud” so can that fraud be that he vowed to be faithful and then cheated with the 18-year-old?

  34. Is it just me or does this guy look a little hagged out for being only 24?

  35. okiedoke

    Chad Hooey Who?

  36. MunchkinT

    Sophia divorced him because he cheated on her with Paris Herpes Hilton when they filmed House of wax together. Everything always relates back to Herpes Hilton.

  37. Libraesque

    Gross! She’s 18, is that even out of high school?

  38. popcornsuite

    Some guys will say anything to get into a girl’s pants.

  39. Lesley

    i found some more pics of chad’s kid. and when i say kid i mean kenzie but she so god damn young i really can’t bring myself to call her a womaaajdfshjd. see it’s just not possible. she’s the really short one in the light blue dress

  40. kazanski13

    I dont even care enough to comment on this. Who gives a fuck about this Yam Bag.

  41. Pez_D_Spencer

    Guy looks like the tenth runner up at a UFC “Best Ass-Beating Recipient” contest. Eesh.

  42. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh
  43. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    P.S. Fuck Duke.

  44. gogoboots

    I think he completely missed the whole point, that is, not to marry anyone you work with because it takes only 5 months to be REALLY sick of each other. Sophia Bush must want to quit the show by now, seeing that her co-star is an utter retard.

  45. BetC

    Is he one of the kids from Home Improvement? I’m confused…didn’t he marry one of Bush’s kids a couple of months ago and cheat on her with Paris Hilton?

  46. A Nobody

    He’s officially on my list of douche bags. Number 158646th.

  47. Fisher55

    ok, cmm is G-A-Y. that is why sophia divorced him due to “fraud.” the same is true of renee zellweger divorcing kenny chesney…

  48. Delta Dawn

    What goes around, comes around.

  49. bob

    guess the only think you can say is upgrade from last time

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