Chace Crawford used to bang Shauna Sand

November 25th, 2009 // 86 Comments

The headline pretty much covers it. Star reports:

Four years before Gossip Girl brought him instant stardom, the 18-year-old hunky college freshman had a steamy, sex-filled romance with model/actress Shauna, the ex-wife of Lorenzo Lamas and May 1996 Playmate who is 14 years his senior!
“He was so incredibly beautiful — I immediately fell in love with him!” Shauna tells Star exclusively about meeting Chase at a college party in Malibu. The couple began dating “and I even gave him a key to my apartment,” Shauna said.
They quickly wore out a path to the bedroom. And though Chace has said he dated a girl for three years while in high school, a friend tells Star: “Chace told me, ‘Shauna was the first girl I ever had sex with! She blew my mind, and I’ll never forget it!’”

Wait. The source of this story is Shauna Sand? Jesus. Let this be a lesson to you, young Hollywood: The things you stick your penis in will always come back to haunt you. Right, Phantom Copy Machine trying to call TMZ? — HEY!

Photos: WENN

  1. the only opinion that matters

    Yuck. What a ridiculous looking woman. Those lips are laughable, that long face is unattractive, a centre part in the hair is the last thing she should be doing (well aside from being a cheap, self-promoting whore) and anyone can buy those tits at the plastic surgeons. Why oh why has she made herself look so cheap (and silly). FTR, I am not jealous, not even a little…any woman with any self esteem at all wouldn’t be. I almost feel sorry for her because there is obviously something wrong with her mentally that she thinks it is okay to look like this, especially since she is the mother of a young impressionable daughter Sorry if I posted this twice

  2. danaisgod

    oh for fucks sake dana

    put us on the crucifix bc we dont know how many seasons gossip girl is in

    dana – go get laid you fat piece of shit.

  3. See Alice

    Who is the HOTTIE behind her ? Hey Now !

  4. Frau Detmolders

    He first experimented with inflatable dolls, moved on to Shauna Sands, and then to humans.

  5. cc

    23. Hanson Danson – oh thanks, now I will never look at roast beef the same way again either. And I like roast beef. Bastard.

  6. Aims

    OMG I thought this was a GUY dressed in drag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Turd da Third

    It looks like her face is melting… damn she is ugly, at least in these pictures she has her legs together. Doesn’t happen often with her….

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  11. wow.. very big boobs..

  12. sukon

    not only are the BOOBS well done but so are the lips.
    when she smiles her mouth almost opens up.
    what a tight mouth.

  13. Haha she is the source, of course. She probably saw an episode of Gossip Girl and decided she wants a “story” with one of the stars. She could have chosen Hillary.


  14. How can such a beautiful man even think to be with such a plastic skank ? ! It must have been to get a ‘leg up’ on the Hollywood ladder. Truly, disgusting.

  15. ohemgee … fuck the news ! who designed shauna’s dress ? it’s uhmayzingg . x3

  16. hhhh


  17. shauna Sand is a ho-rror

    I’m surprised his dick hasn’t fallen off yet.

  18. Shauna Sand is a ho-rror

    I’m also surprised that Chase’s dick hasn’t fallen off yet, either…

  19. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  20. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  21. its great that she is still rockin’ the bod but it is just too damn old and dusty, put it away Pam

  22. Thanks guys… this is awesome…
    Umm,my first project will be launching soon and I’ll be sure to write up a quick post when it does.

  23. Looks like she sat on a Brillo pad…trim that trim back!!

  24. i wonder if she likes stunt midgets!?

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  33. Falko

    Chace is sooo sweet. I love him very much.


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