Chace Crawford arrested for weed

June 4th, 2010 // 71 Comments

Gossip Girl’s Chace Crawford was reportedly arrested for marijuana this morning in Texas, according to TMZ:

Crawford was arrested just after midnight this morning for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces. The charge is a misdemeanor.
Crawford was busted in the parking lot of Ringo’s Pub.
Sources say Crawford was in a car with a friend when he was busted and cops found one unlit joint.

One unlit joint?! Mercy no. Tell me they sent in the SWAT.

I don’t know about you guys, but after seeing a coke addict game the entire legal system and an underage redneck marketed as a slutty action figure for 12-year-olds, this is probably the most uplifting thing I’ve seen all week. The pot possession, not the arrest that is. I almost want to tell schoolkids to grow up to be like Chace Crawford that’s how incredible this is to me. I’m completely serious.

Photos: Splash News

  1. just say yes

    get these dangerous people off the street before they end up at tacobell

  2. Jessi

    I must say he just got 10x hotter, if that’s possible. I love a hot man high on pot!

  3. Valerie

    Hell yeah Jessi–so glad this was posted. He’s fucking amazingly hot. Little bland personality-wise, but so what?

  4. Valerie

    Nice mug shot, too.

  5. havoc

    Fuck yeah! He’s got street cred now!

    Go rob Mommy and Daddy’s medicine cabinet like all the other yuppie larvae.


  6. FrankNfrtr

    Should have stayed in CA ……..TX ain’t like other places.
    Mug shot is the prettiest face posted so far today.

  7. Peanutty

    The boys in prison are going to love this pretty baby.

  8. Bringbackbabalu

    What? Who? Wait…what? Why are you telling us this??? This is not news…these stories are getting pretty ridiculous. What useless nonsense.

  9. notthelimejuice

    Oh. My. God. I would ride the stubble off his face. Hot. I am.

  10. Bunny

    Hey! If he’s high on weed then he’s hungry…. so eat some pussy baby!

  11. Oh F this Friday


  12. Jade

    In my country, weed is legal. Reading this just makes me wonder whether I should cry or laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Atleast he looks good in the mugshot. Not many do.

  13. bored

    the ads on this site are out of control… the Lady Killers ads from a couple days ago… ? Jesus christ so annoying… And now these Greek ads… C’mon… Have some dignity. and please let the advertisers know that the ads make me want to do anything BUT see the movie that they are punching me in the face with

  14. Yupper

    at least he wasn’t busted in his car for sucking a cock!!

  15. gen

    Aaaaand her just got hotter. I did not know that was possible…

  16. I agree with you, Fish!

    Shit, he might as well be the greatest Hollywood role model we have today!


  17. Tek

    LOL, I so knew the girls would love this. It was either having their dreams crushed cuz pretty boy Chase is a druggie or “OMG he’s hawt AND a BADBOY!”

    And I agree, legalize it.

  18. turd da third

    Got wood?

  19. OmgSing

    In the mean time, all the meth carrying/producing SPICS are sneaking around right under the cops noses….

  20. Adnan

    @10 – shut up, whore. He wouldn’t go near your smelly snatch.

    Now go back to reading People magazine, drinking Diet Coke and watching American Idol, you fucktwat.

  21. KIKI

    @ 20. What is up with the rage Andan? We like our pretty boy Chase.

  22. Jimmy Fury

    Ladies ladies no need to fight.

    No seriously he’s gayer than christmas at Rupaul’s house so there’s really no need to fight.
    I mean let’s be honest with ourselves here. Heterosexuals can’t work a mugshot. Only my people have that power.

  23. Shart

    If he is gay his eyebrow situation would be manscaped. Therefore, he is all man, baby.

  24. Solaera

    I find it highly suspicious that he was arrested for one measly joint the day the trailer for his new movie ‘Twelve’ is released. The movie in which he plays a 17 year old drug dealer…

  25. ghost

    I’ll see that Crawford kid hang for this.

  26. gen


    He’s not even trying in that picture. He is just that fucking hot all the time.

  27. ROUGH is never having to say you're sorry!

    retort@24 with the level of classiness in the entertainment biz; that’s highly improbable…

  28. Drundel

    If he was in the Plano PD, I’m sure he got a private cell with Xbox 360. Now if he was in dallas, he is some dudes bitch right now.

  29. Cor

    haha that’s epic, i never liked him until now…

  30. p$

    GODDAMMIT are you serious? that shit makes me so mad. weed is almost goddamn legal in Cali. Fuck the pigs!

  31. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::hides stash::

  32. J

    chace crawford + pot – (closet-case * herpes) = sadly un-doable. the mugshot is cute, though.

  33. Dang, he’s even sexy in his mug shot. I’d totally volunteer to be a human centipede with him! Yum hahaha

  34. I heard that chace is arrested for possession of marijuana early this morning in Texas. Texas they have the strictest laws in the country he could end up in some real do. I will be sending him prayers.

  35. Helena Handbasket

    It was only a joint – so a misdemeanor offense maybe? THey won’t send him to jail. His studio will probably treat him worse than the courts will – making him apologize and travel around giving “just say no” speeches or some such b.s. Poor guy – he’s so cute I just want to motorboat him all day long.

  36. Holland

    Idiot, move to the Netherlands. Everything is pretty much legal here.

  37. For weed i think its not a verdict now.I think that will be a negligible one.

  38. captain america

    go to clorado, ASSHOLE!!

  39. kiss my black ass

    What’s wrong with you people? They found a joint – A JOINT – in his car! Do you know how many babies this dangerous drug could’ve killed? Lock the man up, he is a fucking menace!


  40. spinal

    Hmm, looks like he just gained a new fan. I’ve never seen anything he’s been in, but if I ever do you’d best believe I’ll be cheering him on through a thick cloud of pungent dank smoke. Woohoo!

  41. spinal

    P.S. Some of you commenters are sick. I love how jokes about raping women are considered tasteless, but jokes about violent prison rape are perfectly acceptable. Smoke some Northern Lights and get over yourselves.

  42. bimbamboing

    Why aren’t his nipples covered!? He should be arrested for that!

  43. cellphone

    That joint could be for medical usage folks!

  44. Nero

    Did he smoke his facial hair?!

  45. yess

    @turd da third – June 4, 2010 5:45 PM

    Got wood?

  46. michael

    WOOWW, i smokedd llike 8 joints yesterday night at my prom parrtyty infront of cops .. like the cops in canada are sooo chilll, like they let us smoke pot on parliament hill with the cops.. that was sick, the states need to chill and be more like canada where its basicly legel

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