Carmit Bachar flashes her nipple

June 20th, 2007 // 99 Comments

Is there a single person that knows who the members of the Pussycat Dolls are? I know the lead singer is Nicole Scherzinger, and then there’s four or five other girls who basically stand around doing nothing. Anyways, these are a couple months old, but Nicole Scherzinger and another member of the Pussycat Dolls, Carmit Bachar, were spotted at Pure in Las Vegas. And if you’re looking at that creature on the right and thinking, “Man, I wish her nipple would pop out of her shirt” then you’re a freak. But you’re also in luck, because it did. But mostly you’re a freak. Aren’t the Pussycat Dolls supposed to be hot? If I saw this thing walking towards me I wouldn’t even think, I’d just punch it in the throat and run.

EDIT: I originally spelled Carmit as Cermit, but really, does it even matter?


  1. GSpot

    Its Carmit. Not Cermit

  2. Italian Stallion

    I don’t know who that dude is, but he really shouldn’t be flashing his nipples……….

  3. yolatengo

    once again proof there is no god…we get to see this beast’s nipple but this shit can never happen to Natalie Portman????

    why why why????

    shakes small fist at the heavens

  4. RichPort


  5. Italian Stallion

    More like Doggiedick Dolls………

  6. djthecat

    I thought it said “kermit” and i was confused. so if i flash my nipple, do i get a superfish story, too?

  7. maxxjedi

    She’s a man Baby!!!!!!! (Austin Danger Powers)

    They must’ve been talking about she/he in the song Don’t cha. Cause she/he is a freak

  8. raff

    Is there a single person that cares who the members of the Pussycat Dolls are?

  9. Fumus

    Superfical really running low on stories today. Next I think they will post a story about a guy that played an extra in Titantic.

  10. TheyAreFuglyBroads

    @1 No, no, it’s Varmint not Carmit.

  11. p911gt10c

    I prefer the blond skanky lookin PSD myself.

  12. Wally'sPinkWoodenHorse

    tranny, but i’d still hit it with all my pink gonad-free fury.

  13. HehTheUrr

    Why couldn’t it have been the one on the left?

  14. wastedone

    I’d hit it too……right in the adam’s appple

  15. BLT

    No one knows who the other Pussycat Dolls are because they are all ugly…except for Nicole.
    The movie studio life.

  16. I’d hit that.

  17. ..with a hanger.

  18. superstar

    Urgh! Carmit is sooo ugly! I thought smiles were supposed to make people shine and look pretty and happy. I guess she had bad luck then or bad looking parents.:P

  19. jrzmommy

    Dontcha wish your girlfriend was a Tranny like me…..

  20. Trixie

    Just another way for celebs to get attention and then they cry about the paparazzi. Go figure

  21. stephiphany

    I’m guessing she’s the unattractive yet sassy redhead of the group.

  22. Jimbo

    @16 & 17 Fishstick, will you hit me with a hanger??

  23. Quinn

    That hag is a member of the group?? I thought it was their fugly choreographer Robin…

  24. star69

    Good thing he knows how to tape back that what’s usually hanging between his legs well. A nippleslip’s no problem, compared to the other slip-out.
    That would so be uncalled for.


  25. veggi

    At least they can’t talk for the Mr. Potato head lips in their mouths. Silly hookers.

  26. Nigga Leroy

    Even after finding out who Carmit Bachar is, I still don’t care.

  27. GrossedOut

    She reminds me of the exaggerated Carmen Miranda in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons. (Sorry, Carmen.)

  28. ssdd

    Fucking red headed tranny is fugly…… look at the size hands that thing has!!

  29. PAT

    Wow, his hair look so natural!

  30. jrzmommy

    If Fran Drescher and a Mack truck had a baby… would be…this…person.

  31. grim

    Well, these bitches ahve had so much plastic surgery and shit injected and placed in their faces that they do, legally, qualify as Muppets. (Plus, y’know…hands up their asses….)

  32. Samgrl

    She is stank as hell… but she has really nice shaped tits.


    You see everyone is capable of flashing an nipple, or their pussy!

  34. Jesus-The-Ever-Loving-Christ

    Dude, looks like a lady….

  35. #22: sure, but you gotta wear the jack-in-the-box head ;)

  36. #22: sure, but you gotta wear the jack-in-the-box head ;)

  37. Jimbo

    @35 & 36 That sounds good to me!!!

  38. jrzmommy

    God, is there NOTHING else going on today but this?



  40. Donkey

    I hate when the nipple has no color of its own. That nipple just blends in with the skin color of the rest of the titty. Blah.

  41. #40 – mines kinda pinky and im very pale. do i pass?

  42. deliusional

    Her headstone will read “Carmit Bachar, Covergirl had nothing on her face!”

  43. didey23

    is she a drag queen?

  44. PrettyBaby

    #38 Jrz, there’s always Xenu’s latest offspring over on the Katie Holmes thread.

  45. Danielle

    She reminds me of Lindsay Lohan.

    Only, the “Fire Crotch” seems to have spread to her face.

    Not that it didn’t get to Lindsay’s either but…this chick looks like a damn burn victim. Ya know, someone who had to have their face reconstructed to make it look normal.

    The surgeon’s must’ve been drunk.


    Who in the hellafied circus freakshow did her make-up?? Looks like they performed a make-down.

  46. blpressure

    I never understood how that ugly one got into the group.

  47. Nice titty.

    Scary face.

  48. If guys are paying to see these skanks we all can do porn. They can’t sing either.

  49. mia

    She looks like amanda lepore.

  50. Aja

    That is really a man, right? I’m not even being funny.

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