Celisa Franco Doing Sports Illustrated Bikini Things

How do you not know the words to your hit song that makes you millions of dollars? It might have been better if Justin Bieber just went up and said, “who cares I already have your money,” and started juggling a soccer ball… oh that’s pretty much what he does? [PageSix]

I think Sam Taylor-Johnson actually has a lot of sense. For starters, her husband is 24-years younger than her, guaranteeing she never has to change and old-man diaper down the line. She’s also able to speak her mind about how shitty it would be to direct another Fifty Shades of (insert dark color swatch) movie. Props, Sam. [Dlisted]

At least Oprah realizes that entertainment moguls should stay away from politics. [E!]

The hug missed ’round the world between Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha has been immortalized on the side of a building. [EvilBeet]

Damn, how old is Julia Stiles now? She’s having a baby if that does anything for you. [TooFab]

I really like this article on Brendan Fraser AKA ‘The People’s Champ’. [Pajiba]

The universe provideth: Josh Brolin dressed up as an old-guy version of himself in The Goonies.

The Backstreet Boys invited a bunch of old women from trailer parks to see them in Vegas on their birthdays because I guess that’s their demo now? [PerezHilton]

When this film review said, “Cars 3 doesn’t have much under the hood,” I was absolutely gassed. [EW]