Celine Dion wants to grow another child

Celine_Dion.jpgCeline Dion, the source of almost all of Canada’s shame before Avril Lavigne and Nickelback came around, has told a French magazine that once her contract with Caesar’s Palace ends, she plans to have a second child through in vitro fertilization. Celine insisted that time is of the essence since she’s approaching 40 years old and her husband is approaching whatever age it is where you spontaneously turn to dust in the slightest breeze. The couple plans to use an embryo that was left from the treatment that yielded their first child.

Wow, even Gwynnie and Britney are subtler with exploiting their children than Celine Dion is. With the 21 months notice and giving specific information as to when, where, and how she’s going to conceive, it’s obvious that she’s just winding up to release yet another album full of songs about her damned baby, this time brought to you by Louis’ Turkey Basters and Cup-o-Soup: Now With 30% More Fetus. I’d call it shameless, but I’m pretty sure that for French-Canadians “shameless” roughly translates to “crafty like a fox!”

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