Celine Dion in a bikini (Oh yeah, this is happening.)

July 9th, 2008 // 121 Comments

Celine Dion is on vacation in France where she’s developed a habit of parading around her balcony in a new swimsuit each hour. (Ha ha, old people.) Now, I know I swore an oath to always post pictures of celebs in bikinis no matter who they are, but halfway through this post I’m starting to think this might be a mistake. It’s kind of like when you bring a girl home after a few drinks, and the night is rife with passion. Then you realize, wait, this chick seems kind of hairy. And also keeps pulling fish out of the aquarium. Aw fuck she’s a grizzly bear. Yeah, it’s exactly like that.


  1. shinkai


  2. justtheobvoius

    I’d hit it to, with my truck, ugly skank

  3. Tom

    #44 – nice “response.” Like a gatling gun – firing blindly and hoping to hit something (sorry, no such luck). I’m in good shape, actually, but that doesn’t matter and you know it. Whores like you are looking for $$$ not looks. A guy who makes 100k and looks just ok will attract plenty of you pigs. I work out and play in a competitive basketball league because I want to continue having a chance to bone young chicks, who don’t have to stoop to “looks good for her age” (so, looks like shit, just not total shit). They think 100k is a ton of money. Dumb fucks. Dumb, tight fucks.

  4. JPRichardson

    My Sweet Lord!!! She is ugly as HELL!!!!!!!

  5. First Poster Champion (jealous of my glory?) - Ahole

    I am answering #20 and whoever else asks the question: What is the thrill in being first and why tell the world you were?
    Some of us and I speak certainly for myself, have nothing much to live for. I have no job, no love life, no friends other than the social workers who come to my shack once a week to examine me and my various deformities as they metastasize and further mutate.
    I was born grossly deformed guys. I have speech recognition software in my pc, which is my only outlet from the darkness and misery that is my futile existence.
    I am always alone. This is all that I have. Please do not take this away from me.
    I have 2 buckets in my tiny quarters. Once is full of water and the other is full of urine, feces, and the vomit that perpetually issues forth from my mouth as I also have Crone’s Disease and I cannot hold anything in my stomach for long.
    God I did not ask for this life and why can I not for once or twice have society recognize me for the least accomplishment I can enact – posting first on this rotten motherfucking site full of perverts and lowlives and homosexuals and trolls and liars…and freaks…like me.
    Go ahead and say it.
    I am a freak.
    Feel better now that you have kicked in the sand castle that I spent all day working on at the remote beach in life that I am stranded on?
    Why don’t you just pull my heart out while you are at it?
    The only companion that I have in the horrible world is a used gerbel that this gay couple gave me 3 years ago. I wonder how long they live?

  6. Mr V

    Check out MILFhunter then check out Celine. She’s MILF territory. Admit it.

  7. paolo maldini

    makes me want to have sex with Mya. Midget sex? Celine Dion Bikini? Whats next, Steve Irwins daughter dating Hulk Hogan?

  8. Will

    That’s just sad. The top pic makes you think somehow she’s hot, despite her age, and then the next few picks show the cold reality. I’d hate to be stuck with an old chick. They’re disgusting.

  9. Tom hater

    hey Tom, i’m sure you have a lot of luck with the “hot young chicks” who go for the “100k” you make. BWAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, do your parents know you’re online? What a dumbass!

  10. Looks far better than most of the young gals out there

  11. Lys


    First of all, we use âllo in all kind of circumstances. Its like Hello in english. And If you are to use Vous when you talk to somebody, you don’t say Tu in the next sentence. Vous is use for olders, strangers and tu is more familiar. And finally, we say LA destinée, and not LE destinée.

    Please, don’t act like you know a language when you’re clearly showing off your ignorance.

  12. Moi

    So older women’s bodies are revolting? And do you think you aging dickheads are hot? with your limpy dicks, sagging balls, beer bellies and moobs?

  13. auzzie

    big vag-vag.

  14. Lys


    Don’t forget their smelly armpit honey

  15. Ferdinand Narcos

    I’d fuck her.

    Then again,I’d fuck Rosie O’Donell.

  16. tidy

    emm, u are so sweet.. but i just found out your secret that you have joined the

    online club i n t e r r a c i a l chatting . c o m, by which you are seeking man to be your


  17. F u douche bag

    Good from far……FAR from good.

    I’d still hit it though.

    F all of you.

  18. Gladnotyou

    WOW. This site attracts the biggest losers. LOSERS. Bye.

  19. Gladnotyou

    WOW. This site attracts the biggest losers. LOSERS. Bye.

  20. Moi

    Of course Lys! I could I forget.

  21. Moi

    oops…I meant HOW could I forget!

  22. Malffy Hernandes

    I love Celine! You work the bikini/bathing suit girl!

  23. Mo Tastic

    I’d suck on those legs for like a week straight.

    Annoying voice , but those legs are FANTASTIC!

  24. tc

    You know when you are watching a movie, and the person behind you smells so great you want to fuck them, then you find out it’s a dude ?

    I just found out I’m some sort of screwed-up gay.

  25. celickitysplit

    Look u flavourful fukcs, there r worst things in this world than celine dione in a bikini.. like shania twain in one… fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no id rather have shania twain in a bikini over celine ANY day!!!

    but still there are worst things… like fat mexican women

  26. stillphuucked

    There’s other things in this world worse than celine in a bikinia… like Obama or McCain as president… RON PAUL 2008!

  27. NumberTwentyisafaggot

    Number 20 is a faggot

  28. Sarah

    To all the idiot males (“men” would be too complimentary) on this site, yes some young women are super hot, but some young women are butt ugly, and some older women look much better than the large majority of younger women. Being young is not the same as being hot. You’re all so fucking stupid, you make me sick. I’m an old-ass woman (pushing 38) and I feel I look better than lots of the “young stuff.” Even when I was young there were tons of girls way hotter than me, but as I’m getting older I’m realizing time is the great equalizer. It doesn’t bother me one iota that retards such as those on this site would rather “bang” a young hot chick than an old granny like myself. Are you fucking kidding me? Young morons like yourselves are repellent to me, anyhow. So, grow up.

  29. Sunday

    She is pretty and sexy. I think I will love her. LOL. Every time I sign in to the celeb club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M, I can see many new topics talking about her. She has created a nice profile for seeking a great man for hook ups.

  30. Kim Lardassian

    UGH face of a demented evil stoat.

  31. meg

    to number 4…. celine dion has been a celebrity for a really long time. just cause you don’t know who she is doesn’t mean shes not famous thanks.

  32. misery bunny

    i dunno, but at least one of these pics has whistler’s mother in it.

  33. Plastic Sturgeon

    @#21 Hahaha. You got to Randal before I did. Good try though Randal. Your French wasn’t horrible.

    Speaking of horrible, does anyone else find Celine’s French Canadian accent irritating? I want to punch her in the face everytime I see an interview. Kathy Griffin does the best immitation of her. She rocks!

    She has a good voice but I would never pay to see her in concert. All those creepy Cirque du Soleil people in the background. Ugh…

  34. BillyBob

    How much that pussy is worth ? 300,400 millions?

  35. lisa

    #5, hahahahahah

  36. Captain Jack Sparrow

    This is totally explainable.
    Her husband is in vegas taking his annual ass kicking in the WSOP.
    He really sux at poker and is always a fish walking through the door.
    She gets pissed every year about this time and ends up in some third world downtrodden country showing off whatever anyone will glance at.
    Please do not attempt to explain the French language – listening to a tire go flat is much more appealing and interesting.You guys should be speaking in German anyways or whichever language of the rogue nation that decides to walk through you unscathed next.

  37. Nobody wants to fuck grandma's pussy, Sarah

    “It doesn’t bother me one iota that retards such as those on this site would rather “bang” a young hot chick than an old granny like myself.”

    Yeah, clearly. You’re so unbothered by it, you wrote a dissertation about it. That’s ok, old people need hobbies to keep them busy, since their sex lives are dead already.

  38. Ed

    I’m sure Celine had an attractive body at some point (her face? dunno, always looks like an alien). But she doesn’t now. A major part of aging gracefully is recognizing that your body has lost its beauty, and is no longer worthy of full display. In other words: put that nasty busted shit away.

  39. just one thing:

  40. 20-20 vision

    Look at her ass in the last 2 pics on the top row (hint: it’s somewhere in that middle zone of generalized sagging lumpiness). That looks fine?

    It’s simple, ya tards: if you have anything except a completely flat ass, you can stick it out (like Kim K always does) and it looks nice and round. When you stand up straight, any extra fat, sagginess, and cellulite will stand out. Have any of you ever seen a girl in real life???

  41. The goggles…they do nothing.

  42. Everytime Celine Dion sings, someone pours gasoline on a kitten and lights a match. Seriously, I’d rather listen to Britney Spears sing the lead in Carmen, after a carton of Marlboro Reds and 12 Red Bulls… all while chomping on a mouthful of cheesy corn snacks. Seriously, Celine Dion is that horrific.

  43. justifiable

    Looks like her ass will go onnnn…and onnnnnnnn.

  44. Deacon Jones

    Holy shit,

    I just burped up tequila and coffee into my mouth

  45. you pizza-faced posters

    Nobody bothers to take pictures of you pizza faced losers

  46. steve

    #97 – relax, it’s just a site to joke around, that’s all. Don’t let us distract you from your tears and ice cream.

  47. de Cosmos

    It could be a lot worse — Her hubby, René Angélil, in a thong.

  48. Sarah

    Hey #89– Fuck you! I’m 37, not 80!!!

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