Celine Dion in a bikini (Oh yeah, this is happening.)

July 9th, 2008 // 121 Comments

Celine Dion is on vacation in France where she’s developed a habit of parading around her balcony in a new swimsuit each hour. (Ha ha, old people.) Now, I know I swore an oath to always post pictures of celebs in bikinis no matter who they are, but halfway through this post I’m starting to think this might be a mistake. It’s kind of like when you bring a girl home after a few drinks, and the night is rife with passion. Then you realize, wait, this chick seems kind of hairy. And also keeps pulling fish out of the aquarium. Aw fuck she’s a grizzly bear. Yeah, it’s exactly like that.


  1. AHole

    1st you shit licking imbeciles…hahaha I am the man ahhh hahaha

  2. Dale S.

    First! And let’s admit it, she’s a MILF.

  3. Roger

    Titanic hips…

  4. SHUJeff

    “Now, I know I swore an oath to always post pictures of celebs in bikinis no matter who they are”

    Since when is Celine Dion a celebrity?

  5. Al Green

    I have the power of love in my pants.

  6. mc

    not bad at all for her age


    She’s not bad for an incontinent 90 year old woman.

    Wait, she’s 40? Oh God! Kick me in the face with a stick!

  8. JVM

    She’s kinda reminding me of the Michelin Man with those legs.

  9. dahm

    I’d hit it.. fuck you guys.

  10. And…she loves fat old hairy guys!

    Oh, #1 – your name says it all.

  11. dsafljk39xc dfw3 Sorry, I was temporarily blinded.

  12. steve

    pic #1, I would totally plow that french p*ssy. lookin good.

  13. She has a cute butt!

  14. Barely Stearn

    You know: This looks pretty tasty. Looks a shitload better than Cheryl Burke (Whoever that is.)

  15. stizz

    Oh gawwwd she looks like she’s been beaten repeatedly with an ugly stick. Granted, her body looks good for her age, but her face…dear god her face!

  16. Where’s my eye bleach? For the love of God, get me my eye bleach!

  17. Randal

    Allô Celine!

    Comment allez-vous? Amour ta musique! Tout le destinée!



  18. Oveta

    why does it look like she has a tube in her nose in the first pic?

  19. Crisphy Nanos

    Crisphy Nanos says, “Sportdvl, you are an insufferable fucking douchebag. Why don’t you go eat a cock salad you stooge. Your web site is almost as gay as you are. Almost but not quite punk.”

  20. __________________________________________________

    Kind of funny how the 2 fucknuts at #1 and #2 are clearly dudes but chime in with “First” like a couple of 14 year old girls. What a couple of homos.

    Why someone would even consider doing that is anyone’s guess. Can you please explain why you would partake in such douchebaggery? Personally I just don’t get it…

  21. SomeoneFromHellvens

    Right….. #17, I will type correctly what you wanted to write :

    Bonjour Céline !
    Comment allez-vous? J’aime ta musique! Pour toujours !



    Allô is used only when you answers the phone in french.
    Amour ta musique = To love your music
    Tout le destinée = All the destiny (which means nothing but I thought you wanted to say forever)

    That’s pretty much it. (exept nothing you typed is true, her music sucks hard)

  22. minniememe

    i love Ana Gasteyer’s impersonation of her on SNL “I am Céline Dión… the greatest singer… in the world!”

  23. Andy

    It’s weird how her butt looks pretty good in the sideways pictures, but in those 2 pictures from the back, where she’s looking off the balcony in a bikini, her body looks like a lumpy saggy wrinkly spreading mess. It’s always the same with older women – they might look good with the right clothes and makeup, but when they start to strip it all off, the only guarantee is that you’ll see something you wish you hadn’t.

  24. pistola

    first pic– ass looks good.

    the rest of the pics– not so much.

  25. Observer

    Wow, she looks great!

  26. #19 please see #20. You are the douche bag loser. Please turn off the Celine CD that your boyfriend #1 gave you and both of you get a life.

  27. ph7

    Ever walk behind a women with a great ass, and you can wait to pass her to check out the rest of her, only to be hugely disappointed?

    That’s is whats happening here.

  28. Tom

    Goddamn. I’m sure lots of folks (mostly chicks) will say “she looks great for her age!”. Which is why I’m always on the lookout for hot young chicks. My wife is in her early 30s and in a few years I’m not going to be able to fake it anymore. The brutal truth is that when they get this old, their bodies are revolting, and only other older women continue to praise them.

  29. Snickeydoda

    You are the only douchebag here. It’s pretty evident with all of your shameless plugs for that site of yours. You are the faggot that needs to get a life, you immoral nincompoop!

  30. fightingfrodo

    Wow tom! Thats the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard!

    I can just picture what your wedding vows were like: “In sickness and in health till your ass gets saggy and i forget I’m just as old and wrinkly and saggy(not to mention a douchebag) do us part. I do!”

  31. NEV

    I fucked her a month ago in a hotel in Paris. She was drunk, I wasnt. It was FUCKING AMAZING!

  32. Danklin24

    God help me she actually has a nice ass.

  33. Danklin24

    God help me she actually has a nice ass.

  34. britney's weave

    oh dear.

  35. pizza-faced maggot posters

    you limp dicked losers eat shit and go jack yourselves off in the basement

  36. Celine Dion

    Up yours, all you cock-sucking, thumb-icked half men!


  37. justifiable

    #33 Yeah, pity that it’s spread out over such a large area.

  38. justifiable

    #33 Yeah, pity that it’s spread out over such a large area.

  39. Joe C

    She’s actually not bad.

  40. weirdo

    Looks good to me. I’d hitter in the shitter!

  41. “But I poop from there!”
    “Not right now you don’t!”

  42. jzz

    she looks like shit.

  43. nikki

    She totally new the Papps were taking these pics, she even went to the effort of putting in a fake hair piece bun. God, people. She is thriving on this attention.

  44. Lola

    # 28 If you truly are a married man and not a pimple face college freshman your wife should divorce you. Secondly if your wife is middle-aged, then how does your budweiser and ravioli gut hang these days? and thirdly can’t wait to see you on “To catch a Predator”. Plus tell Chris Hansen hi for me and I love Him!! Thanks.

  45. So true! Funny how her real hair is crappy in one pic and then she puts in the fake bun to try and look better!! GIVE IT UP!

  46. Clarkehead

    I’d tap it. I’d have to wear ear plugs in case she decided to break into a song in the middle of it, but I’d tap it. She’s not bad.

  47. Jimbo and I always play Celine music when making love to eachother. Our favorite: “It’s All Coming Back (to me now)”. Actually it’s playing now. And so is Jimbo. He’d say hi to everyone but he’s very busy now, has his hands (and mouth) full.

  48. Nolo

    She may not be Megan Fox, but she looks a lot better in that bikini than Queen Latifah and J-Lo do in theirs!

    Also, we get enough Amy Winehouse and Nicole Ritchie pics on this site that are truly gross.

  49. randella

    Dear Randal,

    Those online translation sites where you type in the phrase and VOILA–there it is in another language–they never work. Trust me, I’ve tried.


  50. Rant

    I may never get an erection again….these images will haunt me forever.

    Thanks, Mr. Superficial.

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