Celine Dion has a masculine son

May 30th, 2007 // 208 Comments

Celine Dion posed on the cover of Hello magazine with her six-year-old son, Rene Charles. Wait, son? That must be a typo. A horrible confusing typo.


  1. AL6S

    I hate french speaking ppl or Canadians who hate Celine, they must of their freaking minds

  2. starchild

    I’ve seen her on TV (I think it was Oprah’s show) and she’s mentioned her son’s long hair and says that is HIS choice. He likes it that way.

    He will proably go to private school and hang around with other celebrity kids and having long hair or the name Rene Charles won’t be that big a problem.

    He’ll probably grow up to be someone famous.

    But then, look at Sonny and Cher’s daughter, Chastity….

  3. Ronell

    Just to say to all you bad people out their, your just envy her for having such a good looking boy, so what his hear is long, but at least he grows up with a lot of love from his parents, it is more than i can say for some of you, so stop commenting is you cannot post some thing nice. from S.A.

  4. He is so cute.. I like celine dion.. Who’s the fucking writer of that article? You don’t have the right to insult other people, especially children…

  5. Shannon

    Wow, really people?? Grow up. First off, having long hair on a guy does not make him gay or wimpy, just like short hair on a girl doesn’t make her lesbian or masculine. Hair is hair, and there was once a time in human history where long hair on men wasn’t such a big deal. We really don’t need the ridiculously rigid gender boxes that people seem to be so obsessed with.

    Besides, even if he is gay, why the hell does it matter? I care less about his sexual orientation and how he looks, and care more about whether or not he’s a good hearted, strong individual.

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