Celine Dion has a masculine son

May 30th, 2007 // 208 Comments

Celine Dion posed on the cover of Hello magazine with her six-year-old son, Rene Charles. Wait, son? That must be a typo. A horrible confusing typo.


  1. ShutThFU*ck

    Oh WhatEVER! The People Here Are Stupid…Who Cares!? Did YOu Guys look Yourselves in the mirror b4 posting stupid comments!? Bet Most Of You Are STUPID!!! Leave HIm Alone… JUDGEMENTAL PEOPLE ARE STUPIDIER THAN STUPID!

  2. MissPMS

    I know the kid looks weird…but look at Celine! HOLY AIRBRUSH!

  3. mia

    In case you’ll say (you wrote today bitch) I will precise : go see my last post BEFORE those i made today.

  4. mia

    In case you haven’t understand yet, there is a fucking hour and a fucking date beside your name when you post. I don’t fucking care where you are from and what time it is in your country. I only care about this little information beside everyones name. And you should do so. You’ll look less stupid.

  5. ShutThFU*ck

    @146 Shut The F*ck UP! She’s A Mum And Have Mansions… And You!? She Has Talent…And You!? She’S Rich…And You?! She’s Famous And You! Wipe YOur DIrty Ass With 100% Alcohol To Kill The Germs Instead…

  6. doos

    LOL!!!! 4 comments in less than 1 hour!!! You are really pissed-off!!! Ya don’t like being ridiculed???? HOW come, I DON’T UNDERSTAND!?!?!

  7. doos

    LOL!!!! 4 comments in less than 1 hour!!! You are really pissed-off!!! Ya don’t like being ridiculed???? HOW come, I DON’T UNDERSTAND!?!?!

  8. nightshirt

    looks like he is wearing a dress. i guess we need to see his penis for verification

  9. Yeah, uhm, Celine? Your boy looks like a raging 6 year old homo!! If you’re going to grow his hair long you should at least style it in some kind of a masculine fashion. And please, for the love of everything good and decent, don’t dress him up in a fucking a blouse. Really, it’s disgusting and it makes us feel dirty just looking at it.

  10. mia, I haven’t a clue wtf U R talkin about, shit..it wasn’t me, maybe that stupid bitch you were arguing with yesterday, azzhole…

  11. kid: “Mom, why do I have to wear this pink dress? I’m a boy, I want to go outside and climb on trees.”

    Celine: “Shhhhh, little darling! Just dance for me, my little princess ballerina.”

    Well, I see problems coming regarding this kid’s sexuality. :-)

  12. KMB

    Wow….is “he” wearing a girl’s shirt? This is horrible. Its a shame, that would be a very cute little BOY. You’d think Celine Dion, of all people, would know better than to raise her child like that, with being a celebrity and already being in the damn spotlight 24/7! *sigh* what is this world coming to?

  13. URMOM


  14. bungoone

    newsflash idiots: you don’t become gay because you wear girls clothing.

  15. aurelie et sylvain are back

    CRAP! Old man + Celine fucking Dion + lots of viagra+ botox = FREAK! We hate that bitch and her father…sorry HUSBAND! Her son is hideous!!! We already want to punch the little Ooompa Loompa…he’s fuckin’ HORRIBLE! Keep her in Las Vegas, we really really don’t want her back in France.

  16. aurelie et sylvain are back

    ..Keep her son too, he just looks like her mother before all the surgery she had (Hopefully, but she still have her turkey profile..ewww! If you keep that Titanic singer and her freaking family in Vegas…we agree to take Lindsay Lohan in France…one more alcoholic won’t make a huge difference here…especially in “Bretagne”!

  17. Patty

    rene charles esta bello y no parece para nada una niña. Todos los comentarios que hacen me parecen sin sentido.. estupidos! Dejen de colgarse de celine y criticarla, si rene charles quiere tener el pelo largo pues que lo tenga, no es problema de ninguno de nosotros!

  18. Kyra Mamo

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you guys – you are so damn hateful!!!!! I really feel sorry for you – if you just hate celine why the hell do you go check out her stuff and post comments. you people SUCK – go get a life of your own and keep your shitty CHEAP words to your own. Celine and her family are a beautiful family filled with love. are you THAT jealous???????? if you hate celine let her be, leave her alone.I think she deserves a little bit of that. and I cant believe why you french people hate her coz she’s really fond of french. but anyways it’s just u coz when she went in france last time, there were big crowds outside her hotel. those are the great people and u all of you suck!!!!! cant u even have a littl bit of respect for this celebrity with the beautiful voice!

  19. Kyra Mamo

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! How can anyone say these bad things about Celine?? If you don’t like her music that’s ok but don’t say hateful things about people you absolutely don’t know!!!!!!!!!! Have a life of your own and forget about Celine’s. And I must say that her SON is sooo beautiful. Let him be if he wants to have the long golden hair. Don’t you ever see other celebrities with long hair?????!!!!!!!!!!!!! You people piss me really!!! Did u know that Celine is THE SINGER who won the diamond award for being the best selling female artist in d whole world? haveu got any idea what that means – not only she is a great singer but other people love her. so don’t you dare turn this love into hate – you people are sooo hateful.

  20. Kyra Mamo

    by the way whoever said Rene Charles is gay is such an ignorant asshole!!!! many beatiful MAN models have long hair. And this kid is really beautful especially those blue eyes. just let them live their life and ALL OF YOU live your own life which by the way sucks!!! I am really dishonoured to be part of such a site but I couldnt leave without leaving a message to all of you ASSHOLES and BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Her transcanadian shemale is just *so* cute.

  22. Sarah

    To everyone that is making a big deal out of the kids name being Rene.. Thats her husbands name… Not that it makes it any better, but at least it makes more sense.

  23. The Fabulous Armand

    That’s not Rene’s son. That lopsided grimace/smile is Dick Cheney’s all the way.

  24. cheesehead

    uhh “les salopes de france” are really ignorant…
    I’ve never seen as much Céline than at the time she was in Paris to promote her cd!! I studied there @ in 2005 and couldn’t have missed it!!!
    tons of people lined up everywhere she and here son went, hundreds of tv appearances, radioshows etc…. there was no celine-free channel…

    so, I guess your fellow français have other opinions….maybe your just some frustrated left-outs!! I don’t even thionk she wants to live in france or europe cmmon…we’re cave people (as said on this forum)and look like men ourselves.. OEEW SCARYYY

  25. tonycatman

    “I’m really cool me. There’s nothing wrong with a boy having long hair. It doesn’t mean he’s gay. The rest of you are all straights. Not cool like me”

    Oh, go fuck yourself you PC cunts.

    Q. Ask yourself the question. If it were my purpose to set my son up as a gay icon, what would I do ?

    A. Put a girl’s blouse on him. Put shiny ringlets in his hair, then put him on the front cover of a magazine.

    Again, go fuck yourselves, PC cunts. There’s a boy out there who needs our support, which is an entirely different thing from our encouragement.

  26. tease...


  27. Di

    He sure is cute! she must be soo proud. can’t believe how much he’s grown too!

  28. Ihavebigboobs

    get a life you people…judging a country from one girl..I don’t know but I don’t think they must like her a lot better than you guys!!! She sucks around the world…just that you’re stuck with her…not them…..ahahah

  29. Zug

    Sweet! He’ll do well as the lead singer for a “Crash Test Dummys” Tribute Band, hahaha

  30. ledup

    I’ve heard from nurses that a lot of babies (more than are actually reported) are born with both male and female organs. Usually they snip off the male organs to create the appearance of a female. Maybe in this case Celine decided to just leave things natural. But this kid will have the last laugh by growing up to be a top male/female supermodel.

  31. megi

    FUCK YOU ALL who said those stupid thinks about Celine and her son…just FUCK U!!!

  32. Juli

    que manga de pelotudos que no tienen nada mejor que hacer que criticar a las personas, es verdad el pendejo necesita urgentemente un corte de pelo porque parece una nena, pero tanto escandalo por eso, si le gusta tener el pelo largo que mierda les jode….

  33. #182==what waz that
    U said that they were
    queer, yea, thatz what
    I thought…that little
    girl iz beautiful, so glad
    she don’t have a dick…

  34. that’s a boy?

  35. Rene-Charles is going to have a long intimate relationship with testosterone injections

  36. Sewen

    It looks like a child and an wax-imitation of celine dion. I seriously can’t believe how retouched she is in that photo, how can they even think that makes a good picture?

  37. takethat

    she is soooo sexyyyyyy!!!oh my god celine………

  38. bri_fari

    effin breeders make me nauseated!

  39. Shan

    We live in Florida. My four yr olds hair is sorta long. He looks like a little surfer. I dress him like a boy. No way would I ever let his hair get that long. He looks like a girl. He’s wearing a girl shirt. Why?

  40. choocher

    I’m glad to see Shannon Hoon has been reincarnated. Hope he can put a whiny rendition of the Titanic theme out before the speedballs get him this time.

  41. mary jane

    o shit haha

  42. Macy17

    so its actually a boy??? or is it a typo????????????

  43. Whatsina Name

    JESUS!! What is wrong with this world?! Every day I am more fv

    I am really, really disgusted by the whole mess… we call the world.

  44. OK, Celine is a tool and a total ham as a singer, but
    to attack her six-year-old girl just because she might end up looking like Janis Joplin and not the next beauty of Hollywood really achieves nothing except proving that you are a useless tool who has time to conduct this kind of celebrity-based blog that most people would consider a waste of life. And, yeah, foolio, I am a dude, not some
    fugly girl The difference between you and me is I have actually scored hot chicks, and dont need to express my loser frustration, at least to the degree you seem to need to.

    I admit this website is entertaining, but attacking children who arent even really in show business by their own choice just makes you sound like the never been attractive slug that you must really be.

    Concentrate on actual celebrities if you dont want the
    world to pull back the curtain and see the digusting nobody fraud of an OZ you actually are. This kind of post makes me sympathize with celebrities, and think they are
    the winners. Interesting.

  45. Celine Dion

    Excuse me sirs and madams, while my son is a poor, poor excuse for a famous androgyne affiliated with a celebrity megastar (ahem, such as myself), you have no right to be calling him a girl!

    Also, my fath- I mean, husband, is only 105 years young, if you didn’t know already, since he’s affiliated with a celebrity megastar such as myself.

    However, saying my singing sucks is like calling Michael Jackson a woman! It’s, just, not, TRUE!

  46. Alanon

    If she was going to name him after his father, she would have called him “Santa”.
    Come to think of it, a white beard WOULD buthc him up a bit…

  47. R.

    I’m a Canadian from province of Quebec and I’m ashamed to have Celine Dion as an ”artist” from Quebec. Creepy! I still don’t understand why people love her. She doesn’t even write any song. You know what, some people in Quebec call her as the Maria Callas of pop. Ish! Not at all. And by the way, I’m wondering if her son is really a boy :-S

  48. what the he!!s wrong with this world!

    what the hell thts a fcking boy im confused…..his name is renee && it has long hair which makes it look like a gurl but its her SON! tht is fcking wrong dayum is ths a joke or wat??

  49. Johnny

    That kid totally looks like Ozzy Osbourne when he was younger.

  50. Sandy

    What a stupid bitch his mother is. Poor kid. And how come that two dark-haired, dark-eyed people (and Rene Angelil is also dark-skinned – after all he is Arab!!!)produced this blue-eyed, fair child? That’s simply impossible. So maybe that story about that handsome Canadian singer (Garou??) being the kid’s real father? I wonder…

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