Celine Dion has a masculine son

May 30th, 2007 // 208 Comments

Celine Dion posed on the cover of Hello magazine with her six-year-old son, Rene Charles. Wait, son? That must be a typo. A horrible confusing typo.


  1. Blinky

    That chick is hawt!

  2. chubby

    Freaksrus should be the headline of that story.

  3. TEL

    Bunch of fucking losers posting about a god damn six year old kid on this site. FUCK ALL YOU LOW LIFE PATHETIC INTERNET SCUM TALKIN SHIT ON THIS HARMLESS KID

  4. Ude

    Long hair = Girl. PLÄÄÄÄH! Stupidity.

  5. captain obvious

    Looks like Hansen spawn

  6. captain obvious

    …Ummmm, Bop! sorry, just had to

  7. Krazihotkelli, what’s your age?

    And yeah, that kid is Hanson Spawn for sure. I think Celine’s daughter is still getting breast-fed by the looks of her.

  8. superstar

    That puts me off my tea seeing a boy look like a girl. :P Urgh!
    Why isn’t Celine singing anymore? The only song I like from her is ‘A New Day Has Come’. Don’t ask why but depressing songs interest me. :)

  9. star69

    My aunt wanted a daughter so bad. When she had her secind son, she dressed him like a girl. Kept his hair long and put ribbons in his hair.
    Needless to say the kid is now gay.
    He’s 20 and came out a few years ago.

    I rest my case.
    This is bad.
    Really bad.

  10. marcella

    Whaha, I guess it’s some traditional thing of the Québecois (not common in the netherlands>>> yes you’ve got Dutch readers too!!!!!!)
    I’ve seen more of this in the ‘frenchtongue province of Canada!!! This picture doens’t make Rene- charles less beautiful though; blue eyes, cute smile!! He’ll tell his mamman qu’il n’aime pas ces cheveux longues” when he’s older, why should we worrie?!?!?

  11. wedgeone

    I’ve never “gone pubeless” before, but dayam, that lil boy is HOTTTTT!

  12. tonycartman

    Her face repulses me. Nice hair, good skin, white even teeth, clear straight brown eyes, but something nasty about it all the same.

    Her daughter, on the other hand, is possessed of a beauty she could never achieve. Hence she accentuates it, kidding herself that she was made in her likeness.

    More seriously, I hope that young man never ends up in prison.

  13. Drunkman

    When you name your kid Rene-Charles, i’d say you’ve pretty much mapped out his future as a Las Vegas show dancer.

  14. Guy

    The kid ISN’T going to get beaten when he is older, he is going to go to some fancy school, protected away from any crap like that.

  15. Alex

    FYI she’s not a dancer she’s a performer and her 5 years sold out show ends in december when she’ll be releasing her new album.her french album – D’elles – was released last week and secured the highest SoundScan entry of the year surpassing first-week sales by any other artist

    so now you ignorants can all shut up

  16. horrible


  17. J

    It takes a special kind of pathetic to pick on a child. What is wrong with you people?

  18. He already looks a little light in the loafers. Good job Celine.

  19. jc

    Maybe Celine is actually a man. Who knows.

  20. jc

    Maybe Celine is actually a man. Who knows.

  21. titsonsnack

    Reminds me of that freaky little bodybuilder pedophile’s dream kid.

  22. jakebarnes

    May your first child be a masculine child.

  23. Sprite

    likeomgthosehighlightsarelikesocool. Itotallyneedcelinedionsdaughtershairdressercauseicannevergetmyendtolooklikethat.

  24. John

    oh thats cute, he looks like a princess!

  25. dickhead

    She should move to netherlands. these dutch all look like idiots and retarded cave mens!!! p
    poooooor kid. he looks like he’s 10…but he’s just 6!!

  26. jenster

    youve got to be kidding me. THATS a boy?
    omfg, and his names “Renee” to boot, thats so hilariusly wrong…..

  27. bungoone

    126, his name is Rene, not Renee. Renee is a girl’s name, Rene is a boy’s name. But in this particular case, I think he should change his name to Renee.

    And to those who think picking on a kid is cruel, get real. Kids are annoying sons of bitches. I hate them.

    Bring on Britney’s baby #2! I’m ready to make fun. I’m sure there’s lots of ammo.

  28. jmp13

    see, this is what happens when drag queens reproduce

  29. Bored at Work

    “Ok Raphael, I want you to trim just a bit off the bottom, get rid of the split ends. Then maybe just layer it and add some highlights.”

    “Ok. And for your son, Mrs. Dion?”

    “Oh, he’ll have the same…”

    I’m pretty sure that shirt he’s wearing is from the Limited Too.

  30. lattygirl

    That’s seriously a boy? Seriously?

  31. Erin


  32. lookwhaticando

    At least put a boy shirt on his azzz, gezz

  33. Hills

    Dude looks like a lady…

  34. sweetnsnooty

    I don’t like boys with long hair, just my preference. Not his fault, mama didn’t take him to the salon.

  35. rockdust

    Either way, he/she is a cute kid…but regardless, that fuckin’ shirt has GOT to go! My mother wouldn’t even wear that!

  36. cheeseee

    keep fucking with rene horrible BITCH!

  37. lambman

    Wasn’t this a Buster/Lucile storyline from Arrested Development?

  38. Grossmith

    That boy’s gonna haunt the dreams of Catholic priests…

  39. Sprite


  40. stickykeys

    hello – he’s SIX years old. All kids that age look androgenous. Then we go through something called puberty. Personally, I think it’s pretty damn sad that a man/boy can’t grow his hair long in the year 2007. I bet if you put an Ozzy Osbourne shirt on the kid, he would look pretty bad-ass.

    btw, he looks just like his father.

  41. proud european

    Clearly masculin, are yall blind!!?! what a beautiful boy, Those eyes!!!

    Dickhead: you REALLY are one stupid ass!!!Who calles himself that!!! GREAT ‘alter-ego” for an ignorant bitch!!!Than I’d rather call myself be a DUTCH CHEESHEAD

  42. kdm

    Um. Sleepaway Camp?

  43. mia

    They are french canadian, but they have lived in america for more than 10 years. Their fashion taste is more american than canadian.

    Nice try Kelli. You’re stupid enough to put a new name with the same link that goes nowhere…

    By the way, you think Celine Dion is stupid? You should listen the her when she speaks french… Its so embarrassing…

  44. mia

    Dutch women look like dudes. And Marcella is as masculine as rene is feminine.

    On this site, people always complain about stereotypes. Yesterday, you (american) said you don’t want the rest of the world to judge you by your celebrities.

    Please, do the same for french-canadians. Celine is stupid and everybody here are glad she moved to the States. She’s your problem now.

  45. jess

    i can not believe yall would sit here and talk so bad about a child… get a fucking life

  46. She “loves taking care of [her] home”? Are you shitting me? She’s got staff to wipe her ass after potty time.

  47. Roop

    Ah how cute, he has Daddy’s giant head and Mommy’s chest.

  48. doos

    @mya!! Uhhh yesterday?? so your even that stupid to think that everyone lives in the same timezone!!! Uhhhh….It was this afternoon actually!!!
    Guess you should spend you’re time reading useful literature instead of checking this formum 24-7!!!

  49. mia

    Your comment only proove that YOU think everyone live in the same timezone. When I said yesterday, I said YESTERDAY cause last time I wrote was yesterday! Whats the matter with you?? You don’t even know which comment i’m talking about. Go back on the first post about Lindsay lohan arrest and see. It was about 24h hours ago. And for me, this is yesterday. Sheesh…

  50. mia

    Go see my last comment on Nicole ritchie post
    It was like 3h pm may 30
    Now it is 3h50 pm may 31

    24 hours.

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